Xbox Scorpio Won't Have Exclusive Games Except for VR Titles

Aaron Greenberg clarifies Microsoft's policy.


Microsoft announced a new console, called Project Scorpio, at E3 this year, and it promises to be much more powerful than the Xbox One. Microsoft also announced that after the console is released, new games will come to both. But one of the main points of confusion around the announcement was whether or not the Scorpio would get exclusive games. In a new interview, Head of Xbox Marketing Aaron Greenberg clarified Microsoft's policy, saying that while Microsoft won't publish exclusive games on the Scorpio, VR titles are exempt from this policy.

Some of the confusion arose because Microsoft announced that the new console would be VR compatible, which the Xbox One is not. In an interview with Engadget, Greenberg explained that Microsoft does not view this as a contradiction in policy.

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"We said we're not going to have console-exclusive games for Project Scorpio. It's one ecosystem--whether you have an Xbox One S or Project Scorpio, we don't want anyone to be left behind, Now, with the power and capabilities we have, we'll be able to do high-fidelity VR. Now, that space, we don't think of that as console gaming, we think of that as high-fidelity VR, and so with the VR experiences those will be new things that you will get on Project Scorpio."

He also spoke a little about the importance of backwards compatibility, something that Microsoft has been focusing on lately by making a bunch of Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One. He stated, "We're saying, if you bought games and accessories for your Xbox One, or you buy an Xbox One S, those games and those accessories are going to work on Project Scorpio. When you think about backwards compatibility and our games lineup, we want gamers to know that when they're ready to upgrade to Scorpio, that content will go with them. That's our promise and commitment around compatibility."

You can read more from Greenberg's interview over at Engadget, and you can check out more about the console here. Additionally, although it will support 4K, Microsoft won't force developers to make their games 4K compatible.

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