Xbox Scorpio Dev Kit's Built-In Screen Can Show More Than Just Framerates

Prepare to be jealous if you dream of watching 12 dolphins swim around together.


As we've seen before, the development kit version of Project Scorpio features a screen on the front panel that can display technical information, such as the current framerate. But it turns out it can also show a lot more.

A new look at the dev kit's front panel has been shared on Twitter by Windows Central's Jez Corden, who describes it at "fully programmable." You can see in action in the video below.

There are more mundane options, such as displaying different fonts, as well as one that allows it to display actual videos--the example we see shows computer-generated dolphins swimming around. This can be customized to add or remove dolphins; there's also a specific option to add 12 dolphins at once because, as the menu puts it, "Why not?"

Microsoft previously released images of the Scorpio dev kit, which is the system used by companies developing games and software. We don't yet know what the final, consumer version of Scorpio will look like, nor what it will cost or be called.

Technical information and specs for Scorpio were released earlier this year, and Microsoft is expected to share much more about the system at E3 next month. Scorpio is essentially a souped-up Xbox One that plays the same games as existing models, similar to how the PlayStation 4 Pro relates to the PS4.

We recently built a PC using Scorpio's specs to see how it would perform. You can read about how that turned out here.

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