Xbox Scorpio Awareness Is Relatively Low Among US Gamers, Report Says

Scorpio also ranks low for purchase intent--but that could change soon.


Research company Nielsen today released its annual report covering all manner of topics about gaming in the United States. The full "US Games 360 Report 2017" is fascinating and well worth a read; and you can read it here. We've broken down some of the breakout statistics and figures below.

One of the standout charts has to do with awareness of current consoles. With Microsoft's Project Scorpio coming out this year, it looks like the company still has work to do to drive awareness in the product. This chart shows that only 11 percent of the US general popular aged 13 or over had heard of Project Scorpio. The awareness leader is PS4 (69 percent), followed by Xbox One/Xbox One S (61 percent), Nintendo Switch (22 percent), and PS4 Pro (21 percent).

In terms of awareness for the surveyed gamer population, Scorpio came in at 14 percent, the lowest of all the categories except for "None of the above."

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And in terms of awareness for non-gamers in the US, Scorpio sits at the bottom as well, at just 3 percent. The PS4 leads the way among non-gamers, at 52 percent, followed by Xbox One/Xbox One S (41 percent), PS4 Pro (9 percent), and Switch (7 percent). Thirty-seven percent said they hadn't heard any of the consoles.

Scorpio's relatively low awareness--for all of the surveyed groups--is not a big surprise. Although the console was announced a year ago, Microsoft has not talked all that much about it since. This has changed in the past few weeks, with Microsoft beginning to share more details. The results of the new report come from a survey distributed in Q1 (January-March), which is before Microsoft started to unveil more Scorpio details, which may in part explain the relatively lower awareness percentages.

After Microsoft gives Scorpio an official title and launches a marketing campaign for it, the awareness figures will surely grow. With E3 right around the corner, Microsoft may be waiting until then to kick it into high gear ahead of the console's release this holiday.

Another notable takeaway from this report is that 77 percent of people who identified as gamers know about PS4 and 72 percent for Xbox One S. This could mean those consoles--which are already performing well in the market--still have room to grow further still.

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The Nielsen report also has a slide for purchase intent. The PS4 (21 percent) leads the way in the gamer group, followed by Xbox One (17 percent), Switch (16 percent), PS4 Pro (15 percent), and Scorpio (13 percent).

Another key industry topic that the report covers has to do with physical vs. digital game preferences. While digital consumption is no doubt on the rise, the report shows that, for console gamers aged 13 and older, physical is still the preferred method for the majority (69 percent). As suspected, digital skews higher on PC, with 75 percent of respondents saying they prefer digital.

The Nielsen report also shows that PC is by far the most popular platform for average time spent playing weekly. Twenty-six percent of gamers said they spend the most time on PC during a typical week, followed by PS4/PS4 Pro (14 percent), and Xbox One/Xbox One S (13 percent).

The US Games 360 Report 2017 was compiled from 2000-plus interviews (50 percent male/50 percent female) conducted by online surveys in Q1 (January-March). The responses were then weighted to "ensure representation of the U.S. General Population based on U.S. Census data."

You can read the full report here.

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Xbox backwards 1.

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Microsoft can go screw themselves

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Fun fact " Scorpio" hasn't even been advertised it doesn't have a name outside of a code name etc with yet another troll report

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Well we don't even know what the thing looks like....and the way MS is handlong this year so far with little to no exclusive content there won't be much hype till E3, hopefully MS can get the attention of gamers outside of the Xbox faithful.

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So 18% of "gamers" have never heard of a console. What a dumb survey, but not as dumb as some of the people below who are using it like it speaks the truth about gamers, now that's some of the dumbest crap I've read.

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Well they haven't even unveiled it yet.

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@p0tent: don't try to use logic this is

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🤡:Excuse me sir I see you like cars can I show you our selection?

🤠: sure what you got.

🤡: Ok so we have this 🚘 2016 Toyota Camry with a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine that puts out 178 horsepower. 4d automatic with leather seats,Navigation system, satellite radio and the whole enchilada package. for $35k.

🤠: Sounds good What else you have?

🤡: well there's a 2017 Infiniti concept with a 3.5 liter six-cylinder engine that outputs 250 horsepower.

🤠: that's it???

🤡: yes for now.

🤡📝 so base on the information I just provided which car are more likely to buy today?

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@DIOSNY: What's your point?

Avatar image for DIOSNY

@SprSynJn: I'm going to pretend that's a serious question.

Clearly consumers don't know anything about Scorpio because it hasn't been introduced to the market yet.

Yes there's technical info out there but the general consumer won't commit to buying a product when they don't even know the price or what it looks like or most importantly see the benefits of owning one.

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There's not even that many people that are remotely interested in the Scorpio or even know what it is. It's only for the die hard fanboys. I've tried talking to many people about it that I know and barely anyone even knew anything about it. Most of them were gamers as well. Just because we're on here and keep up with the latest gaming news doesn't mean everyone else knows about it.

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How are they determining who is a "gamer?" Because I find it very hard to believe that such a large chunk of people who consider themselves 'gamers' don't know what an xbox one or ps4 is.

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@onionking108: To them it's as follows:

Surveyor - Do you play a mobile game?

"Gamer" - Yes, I play Candy Crush.

Surveyor - Then you're a gamer, silly.

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@creepywelps: they are, by definition. More important to the corporations is that they are stronger consumers.

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Well, considering Scorpio hasn't even really been revealed yet, this isn't surprising.

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This is a beauty.

Scorpio also ranks low for purchase intent--but that could change soon.

You kidding me? A system without a name that has not been released yet ranked low in purchase intent. Who comes up with this garbage?

I wonder if Microsoft will start advertising their new gaming console once it goes on Sale and has an official name reveal. Stay tuned for this breaking news update if it happens.

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Let me get this straight...23% of GAMERS and 28% of GAMERS do not know what a PS4 or an XB1 is?????


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@RobNyack: Yeah kind of hard to believe BUT... Imagine you live in a trailerpark and have a 360, you play games on it ocasionally and it's fine. You don't follow up on the latest in gaming. You might still consider yourself a gamer because you do play games but might not be up to speed about the latest in gaming. Or maybe they are pc gamers who couldn't give two shits about consoles thus never bothering with anything gaming except checking for games on steam or reading pc centric gaming sites.
And in terms of the scorpio/pro you might have a 13yo that likes to play games sometimes, he got a console for xmas from his parents and all he does is play call of duty or a sports title. The only thing he need to keep tabs on is when the next call of duty or fifa/madden comes out. He does not dwelve into different consoles, exclusive games or whatever, he plays what he got. He doesn't read "gaming news", reviews or go on to sites such as this.
Basically the typical dudebro console gamer. It's not unlikely that he consider himself a gamer yet are oblivious to these console upgrades.
My nephew is 12yo and sometimes plays on 360 and in his case he knows there is a ps4/xb1 because I told him, but otherwise he wouldn't know really, he does not go to gamestores, he does not go to gaming sites, he plays whatever the grown up gives him for birthdays and christmas.
And hell I even know adult dudebros that has a xb1 or ps4 and all they do is play fifa on them, nothing else, I really mean NOTHING else. It's essentially a fifa machine. They will be oblivious to other consoles until there is a fifa out that cannot be played on their console and they will pickup the first fifa bundle of whatever console comes out next.
So there might be likely scenarios for people identifying as gamers but still be oblivious to some facts such as these.

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@RobNyack: this was my thought lol.

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dealing with the public, you come to understand that its seems remarkable that as many of the public can even remember where they live in order to return home each day. The point being, People in a macro sense..are basically idiots.

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In summary - no one cares.

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Wow, what a worthless survey. 2,000 ish people surveyed but we have no idea how many were gamers vs non. How you ask is just as important as what you ask. Remember the "polls", surveys, etc for last November? They were SO on point, weren't they?

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<checks article header> Yep. Couldn't be anyone else but, him.

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Why would it be? Scorpio wont even be the final product name so why would microsoft waste money advertising for it yet.

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You can read what you like from this survey. 30% of gamers aged over 13 will buy an Xbox console of some type apparently.

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@sealionact: In the US only. Which means it's lower everywhere else.

Avatar image for sealionact

@Thanatos2k: My point is that it's a seriously flawed survey. It's trying to tell us that nearly a quarter of "gamers" haven't heard of the PS4.

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@sealionact: That's because they included mobile.

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...then if you combine that with the possibility of a higher retail price than the competition ($500), Microsoft might have another problem on their hand.

I really don't know what's happened to their strategy! Almost everything from the Xbox One onward does not look like something you would expect from a company that launched the original XBox and XBox 360. They used to be ahead of the curve in almost every single aspect. Especially, when it comes to their hardware. The original XBox was running circles around the PS2 and the GC. The Xbox 360 was launched 1 year earlier than the PS3. They've been playing catch-up for quite some time now with the whole XBox One thing.

Avatar image for NeonicTrash

@boobytrap: X1 has tons of features other consoles don't, and gets updates and new features all the time, more than the other consoles. X1 features a lot of innovation, you should know this if you own one, do you even own one to have first hand knowledge of what the platform can do? In terms of console features, they remain ahead of the curve on Sony and Nintendo, and they are weeks away from regaining the hardware edge from Sony. And the PS4 was only slightly more powerful than the original X1. And MS already gave X1 a slight refresh last year with the 1S which has been selling well.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b19b0c9d5ead

@NeonicTrash: No matter how many new and innovating features it has, it still doesn't compete in sales to the PS4. Don't take this as me bashing Xbox just to bash them, I own both systems and there are things I like about both systems but the PS4 is just so much better to me (amount of AAA exclusives is a big part). It will be unfortunate if the Scorpio flops though, then there will be no more competition to push innovation in the industry.

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It's not surprising that the Scorpio awareness is low. MS has not been doing widespread marketing on its new console yet because there is high chance it's not going to be called Scorpio so why waste the extra marketing for when it gets its official name and now have to tell people its not called Scorpio.

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Well it is still using its code name and publicly its only been mentioned one time during Microsoft's 2016 E3 press conference.

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What is Scorpio?

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9% of gamers are unaware that any of the major consoles exist. Seems legit.

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@5tu88sy: Comments include all the good options. But one more are the "I have some Candy game on my phone" gamers.

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@5tu88sy: They are the PC master race youths. Hail PC!

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@5tu88sy: It's almost like 9% of all self identified gamers like to troll. Who knew?

(Reads comments) that you mention it....

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Isn't the Scorpio just an upgraded Xbox One? I mean, if you have a TV that supports higher end output, it probably makes sense, but I am not going to invest that much in a TV and then that much in the Scorpio just to play the same types of games I can already play on my current Xbox One... That seems like a bad deal to me.

Avatar image for sealionact

@wookietim: Think Scorpio is aimed more at 4k tv owners who want the best hardware to play 3rd party games - which is what most people buy. It improves framerates on standard TVs too, but MS aren't counting on too many X1 owners with HD sets to upgrade - they've already said the expect the standard X1 to be the main seller.

Avatar image for wookietim

@sealionact: That's the thing . I have nothing against the Scorpio - if I had a 4K TV I'd probably upgrade to it, to be honest. But nothing I use my TV for needs to be in 4K right now... The movies I watch (Mainly streamed episodes of MST3K and troma's filmography) are not going to be better in 4K and none of the games I play (Overwatch mainly) really scream for that. So that'd be a pretty pricey upgrade for no major update in my use of it. I think most people are in the same boat.

In a couple years when 4K TV is more prevalent, I can see this type of thing being good. But right now it seems like overkill to me.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@wookietim: In a couple of years the whole PS4/X1 tech is obsolete anyway, even if it's pushed up to 4K levels.

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Outside of Gamespot, very few people have heard of Scorpio if you go browsing at any electronic stores and try asking strangers/retailers about it, some few know it's coming this years many well don't only because some people don't follow gaming sites these days.

So far, there really isn't nothing to discuss on Scorpio until MS makes it to E3 2017 and then, we might see more awareness.

Avatar image for i_p_daily

@davillain-: They asked "gamers" not your average joe in an electronic store, c'mon dav reading comprehension, get some.

Avatar image for davillain-

@i_p_daily: At least one of the mods below me agree with me. Not my fault you failed to see what I was trying to say, my console playing friend and most of those so called average joe could be gamers, did you ever thought about that Daily?

Edit: Like I said, there's nothing to comment on Scorpio at this time and I personally don't like going by rumors these days so I cannot say much on it until E3 2017 when MS gives out legit details. DigitalFoundry however is all we can go by.

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@davillain-: Especially as they haven't started investing in actual advertising yet. They talk about it here, but mainstream TV or something? I haven't seen anything. 11% or whatever (if that is an actual number, and given that we have a stat that a significant percentage of gamers haven't heard of anything this might be...flawed...) when you haven't even advertised isn't all that bad.