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Xbox Reveals Modular Proteus Controller For Gamers With Disabilities

The modular controller is a new take on gaming accessibility, touting millions of possible configurations.


As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Microsoft announced the modular $300 Proteus Controller, a Designed for Xbox controller created by peripherals company ByoWave. The controller comes as a kit with multiple "snap and play" parts that can be configured to fit disabled gamers' needs.

The kit comes with a number of pieces that can be connected in various configurations, with ByoWave's store page claiming over 100 million variations can be achieved on the controller. Each kit comes with two Power Cubes--the building blocks of a controller that each house a battery and allow for Bluetooth connectivity--and two Analog Cubes, which provide the left and right analog sticks.

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The controller is designed to work out of the box with the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 and 11. The Proteus is expected to start shipping in Fall 2024, and is retailing for $300, though ByoWave is offering a discount to $255 for a limited number of preorders.

In the same blog post for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Microsoft also announced it would be releasing an firmware update for its Adaptive Controller to add support for more accessibility peripherals. "Each port now supports up to 12 buttons, a second stick, and a hat switch," Xbox says of the update, which will start rolling out to Xbox Insiders soon, with a general release over the next few months.

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