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Xbox Reiterates How Simple Smart Delivery Is In Wake Of Avengers On PS5 Confusion

Xbox general manager of games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, enjoyed showing off just how much easier the process was on Xbox Series X.


Microsoft and Xbox are poking fun at Sony's PlayStation 5 in the wake of another example of the console's confusing way of handling cross-generation upgrades.

Marvel's Avengers received its long-awaited PS5 upgrade yesterday, the process of moving over to the new edition hasn't been so smooth. To ensure that your save was brought over to PS5, players had to update the PS4 version (or redownload it if it was deleted), manually upload their save, and then import that into the PS5 version.

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By comparison, Microsoft's Smart Delivery system on Xbox Series X|S prevented this, with players simply needing to boot the new version of the game and have their save automatically migrated. A fact that Xbox general manager of games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, took pleasure in sharing on Twitter.

Microsoft made a big deal about Smart Delivery leading up to the launch of the current generation consoles, and it's examples like Avengers that make it evident why. Sony, by comparison, has had sporadic issues with cross-generation titles, with even Spider-Man Remastered on PS5 requiring a manual save upload from the PS4 version for continued progress.

Along with the current-generation upgrade, Square Enix announced new content for Avengers coming over the next few months, including the introduction of Black Panther later this year. Spider-Man, a character exclusive to PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, will not be added to the game at the start of the summer as originally planned.

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