Xbox Put Dogs In PUBG, Halo, And Gears Of War Cosplay

Say hello to "PUG-G" and "Sea of Fleas."


In Celebration of Chinese New Year--this year it's the Year of the Dog--Microsoft dressed up a bunch of dogs in video game-inspired outfits. Microsoft worked with dog fashion designer Roberto Negrini from the TV show Furry, Fierce, And Fabulous on these outfits, which are based on franchises like Sea of Thieves, Forza, Gears of War, Halo, and PUBG.

The dogs, or "CosPups" as Microsoft calls them, are pretty adorable, and they have cute names, too. These include "Master Chihuahua," "Sea of Fleas," "Mutt-cus Fenix," "Fur-za," and "PUG-G." Microsoft says "each dog's character outfit was created with craft, care, and a passion for the games they represent." You can see images of these lovely dogs in the gallery below; be sure to click each image to see it in full size.

Well, here you go.
Well, here you go.
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I like dogs.

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Wow microsoft is getting desperate

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@Ozosil: wow you're getting desperate.

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Table: Scraps

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The name pubg drove me absolutely crazy!!! I kept on thinking of a pug and now theyre finally putting one in the game lol

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This was adorable. definitely brightened my day.

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Sea of Fleas..... Priceless. :D

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So nice and funny!

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I’m embarrassed to own an Xbox now. This is just bad

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@customx5: This is all a smart campaign to tease the name of microsoft's next console the D BOX ONE.

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Gears of Paw

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Yet they couldn't manage a Gears Of Corgi?

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@Pyrosa: Corgi's are a pretty rare breed I think there are less than 300 recorded Welsh Corgi's still around. The only time I've seen one in real life was a mongrel aka a black and white corgi cross.

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@gamingdevil800: I have a pure PWC sitting right here at my feet... There are definitely more than 300. :) I'd guesstimate 3000+, since owners and breeders have an obsessive predilection for communicating about their little "Eins" w/each other online. The Queen herself keeps around 30, but I don't know if she directly or secretly has them bred. (A lot of people would try to abuse that for access, etc.)

They key to success was getting AKC breeders' lines documented and traced back to UK breeders' lines, and what I'm guessing were some fairly naughty-dog [another gaming reference] international breeding sessions whilst showing overseas. Thus the US has at least a dozen pure PWC breed-lines traceable to the souce in the last ~10-15 years.

Pembroke Welsh Cuteness loves sawing zome zombie (and grub) brains!

[pro-tip, folks: Buy the anime "Cowboy Bebop" on BluRay, and watch all 24 episodes from start to finish. Then find Animal Planet's "Too Cute," the Corgi episode, online. You will then want one of these amazingly intelligent gamer-dogs for yourself. And a vacuum.]

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This is news? This is some major f***ing cringe is what it is.

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@capocrimeboss: So just keep scrolling.

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@capocrimeboss: Marketing people running amok