Xbox preorders sell out at Toys "R" Us

The popular toy retailer sells its initial allotment of Xbox units in 30 minutes.


Toys "R" Us announced today that it sold all its Xbox preorder units in 30 minutes via its Web site. The number of units sold was not announced, but the console was only sold in bundles retailing for $499. Toys "R" Us stated that the next preorder sale begins on September 11 and that both the Xbox and GameCube will only be sold in bundles.

"We have historically noticed that consumers prefer to buy consoles this way,'' said Jeanne Meyer, vice president of corporate communications for Toys "R" Us.

Microsoft spokesperson James Bernard stated that the company will provide marketing support to retailers that sell specified preorder bundles, but he denied that unit allotments for the launch of the Xbox are also tied in. According to Bernard, presale bundles will no longer be sold once the console launches on November 8. "A lot of retailers on day one will be selling the system stand-alone for $299," he stated.

According to Bernard, retailers that sell Xbox bundle packages that include one Microsoft game, two games by outside developers, and one peripheral device will be able to display a certified Xbox merchant logo and will receive marketing support from Microsoft.

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