Xbox original shows either “only on Xbox or best on Xbox”

Xbox Entertainment Studios president describes how a horror show could use Kinect.


Xbox Entertainment Studios president Nancy Tellem said that Microsoft is hoping Xbox Originals, its slate of original TV programming for the console, can reach viewers on other platforms, but that the shows will always be either “only on Xbox or best on Xbox.”

“We’re talking to studios and production companies about windowing,” Tellem told [a]list daily, meaning releasing a product at different times on different platforms or markets. “To limit access to great content and great creators is a disservice. We hope we can go off our platform to introduce Xbox Originals to people not aware of Xbox.”

Tellem’s comments support recent reports that Microsoft was in negotiations to bring the Halo live-action TV show to premium cable channel Showtime. The plan, supposedly, was to have each episode air on Showtime first, then on Xbox, but with added interactive elements.

In addition to time-shifted comments and other social interactions that Microsoft has mentioned before, Tellem gave an example for the kind of interactive viewing that Xbox makes possible.

“Imagine watching a horror show where the Kinect sees you cover your eyes so the volume goes up or they say, ‘Put your hands down.’” she said.

Last week, Microsoft revealed the new lineup of Xbox Originals content.

Disclosure: Showtime Networks is a division of CBS, which is GameSpot’s parent company.

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