Xbox One's Rare Replay Could Add More Games as DLC

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Upcoming Xbox One game Rare Replay, which includes 30 games from the iconic UK developer's history, could add even more titles after launch as DLC. During a special Twitch livestream today, Rare lead engineer James Thomas said it was no simple task to choose the 30 that did make the cut, and that post-launch DLC could be a way to bring more games into the mix.

"There is a wealth of titles that we could dip into; a huge heritage beyond the 30 that we chose," Thomas said. "But that's what made choosing the 30 so hard in the first place. We had to put aside [our own personal] preferences. We hope we've done [that], but you never know, there could be space for more."

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One game that didn't make the roster that Thomas and other Rare developers talked about was 1989 NES Tarot card-reading title Taboo: The Sixth Sense. They might have been joking, however.

Another glaring omission from the Rare Replay is beloved N64 game 007 GoldenEye. But there is a good reason this game is missing. In addition to potential licensing problems, Rare explained to Polygon in June that GoldenEye doesn't exactly fit the criteria (worlds and characters Rare made independently being the first) for games it wanted to put in the package.

Rare Replay launches on August 4 for $30. Check out the 30 games included in the package below, as compiled by Giant Bomb.

What game would you like to see added to Rare Replay if Rare does indeed decide to add more titles as DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

Correction: Rare Replay costs $30, not $40. GameSpot regrets the error.

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