Xbox One's Rare Collection Fixes Battletoads' Infamous Two-Player Glitch

The bug is "part of Battletoads legend," but will be fixed for the upcoming Xbox One game.


Developer Rare is planning to fix Battletoads' infamous two-player co-op glitch for the upcoming Rare Replay collection for Xbox One. Speaking this week at Comic-Con, the developer said it plans to remove the glitch, even though it is a "part of Battletoads legend.

"We're aware of the bug," Rare studio head Craig Duncan said, as reported by Polygon. "It's part of Battletoads legend."

"We have a way of fixing it, so it is something that's on our final bug list."

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Battletoads, a beat-'em-up originally released for NES in 1991, is known for its difficulty.

But as Polygon explains, the bug made a difficult game even more challenging. After reaching the eleventh level in co-op, Player Two's controls would bug out, leaving the player unable to move. As a result, the other player needed to give up their own remaining lives so their friend could play on.

Also during the panel, Duncan said that--because of the glitch has become part of the Battletoads legend--Rare wasn't initially sure that it even wanted to fix it. But, it was later decided that, "Yes, we're gonna fix it."

The Rare Replay collection includes 30 games from Rare's history. Others include Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Perfect Dark. You can see the full list here.

Rare Replay launches for Xbox One on August 4 for $30. If you're at Comic-Con this week, you can buy a Rare 30th Anniversary print or this sweet-looking vinyl soundtrack.

Looking beyond Rare Replay, Rare is also working on a brand new game called Sea of Thieves, which was officially announced at E3 2015 last month.

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