Xbox One's Newest Backwards Compatible Games Now Available

Take a hellish vacation or storm the beaches.

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Two more games have been added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list: the supernatural action game Dante's Inferno, and the strategic competitive game R.U.S.E. Dante's Inferno will also be added to the EA Access Vault later this week, allowing subscribers to that service play it for free.

Dante's Inferno was EA's attempt at capturing some of the God of War magic, with a violent horror-inspired action game based on religious mythology. This one was based loosely on the famous epic poem by Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, and so it had allusions and reinterpretations of famous hellish imagery. R.U.S.E. is a competitive real-time strategy game from 2010 with a focus on decoys and information warfare.

Both Dante's Inferno and R.U.S.E. received generally positive reviews on GameSpot sister site Metacritic--a 75 and 76 average, respectively. As with all games when ushered into the backwards compatibility list, if you already own them digitally they will show up in your collection automatically. Physical copies can be played by popping the disc into your system

That list is growing larger by the week, as newly introduced games have made for a pretty massive list of backwards compatible games. Microsoft has been pushing this initiative, both to add value to its regular Games With Gold rotation, and to boast a massive back-catalog for its Game Pass subscription service. If you need some pointers on the best backwards compatible games, we have you covered.

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Still waiting on MK9 to be Backwards Compatible. And Soul Calibur V (not counting on SC IV going on there because Disney are protective of their IP's, being that Star Wars characters are in that game, and I doubt Kathleen Kennedy and Satoshi Oshida will come to a deal)

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It’s not backwards compatibility and you can’t just put a disc in and play . You have to download an Xbox one compatible version of it. Get it right Gamespot. It.s emulation and in some cases not even original version which is what they did with San Andreas where you get the IOS version and not the Xbox version . So annoying when Gamespot keep saying just pop the disc in and play when in actual fact you have to use up GB’s of space on the HD. Yet another annoyance is having to always have original disc in drive to play the downloaded version. Much better to just wait for a sale and pick up your favourites as digital copies for less than a fiver. There was nothing to stop MS from assigning a digital code to people that have original disc only that they know how annoying the disc swapping is pretty much forcing people to buy a copy on the store to avoid this.

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Onimusha 1,2,3,4

Dynasty Warriors 1-5

Silent Hill 1-4 Collection

Modern Warfare 2

Pretty please.

Avatar image for imajinn

Pleasant surprise with D. I.

Avatar image for Vodoo

Dante's Inferno was a fun game. I wish the God of War team would make a Dante-type game through the 9 circles of hell. I know one of the GoW games used this as a theme, but I mean to go very in depth with it, base the whole game on Dante and purgatory, ect...

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Mmm, nipple spiders.

Avatar image for rtehrani

Ninja. Gaiden. 2.


Ninja Gaiden II


And NCAA football 14!!!!

Pretty please?

Avatar image for art_vandelay7

@rtehrani: BLUR

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@rtehrani: Agreed on both. NCAA 14 was thevlast FB game I played more than 5min of.

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thank you at last i can enjoy this gem again

Avatar image for aproxinate

Ah, I had forgotten all about inferno. Enjoyed myself, wish they'd finish the comedy with purgatorio and paradiso

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For the love of all that's gaming, PLEASE release Alien Vs Predator on BC!

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@hollywood1: That game is horrible on Xbox though .insult to PC originals