Xbox One's Game Pass Service Adds Eight More Games Today

February's games are now available.


Xbox Game Pass, the Netflix-style subscription service for Xbox One, has added eight more games. February's titles are now available, and they include Halo Wars 2, NBA 2K17, and WWE 2K17. Also new to the catalog this month are Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, Rime, Riptide Renegade GP, and Letterquest: Grimm's Journey. Additionally, the backwards-compatible Xbox 360 game, Fable Anniversary, joins the Game Pass lineup this month.

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There are currently more than 100 games in the Xbox Game Pass library. For $10/month, you can download and play anything you want from a catalog of more than 100 games--see the full list here. The library includes both Xbox One games and backwards-compatible Xbox 360 titles. Microsoft adds new titles every month, and on occasion, removes some (as it did with Metal Gear Solid V and WWE 2K16 recently). If you're curious about Xbox Game Pass, you can try it free for two weeks.

In January, Microsoft announced that it will release first-party exclusives in the Xbox Game Pass library at launch. This will include Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, and State of Decay 2, along with unannounced entries in the Halo, Gears of War, and Forza franchises.

"We've only scratched the surface of the opportunity this new model brings to the industry and what we can deliver to our fans," Xbox boss Phil Spencer said. "We firmly believe Xbox Game Pass will be a catalyst to create new opportunities for game developers and publishers to innovate in the way games are developed and delivered, leading to entirely new ways to play."

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Fable Lost Chapters is the best Fable IMO.

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Its a good service and its cheap .. win win!

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The GamePass also includes some 4k-Enhanced games.

I downloaded Gears of War 3, and got stunned of how improved it looks!

being an Xbox 360 game, You can easily mistake it for a current-gen game.

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I don't have Halo Wars 2, Rime or that Riptide sequel. Now might be a good time to jump in for me.

Heads up for achievement completionists, Xbox One version has a bugged achievement in Darksiders 2 so I would avoid that unless you're fine with a 98% completed title.

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sounds good I'll give this new games a try. I have a code for one year, I'll sell it to anyone interested for $40

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awsome ✌

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Fable is great play