Xbox One's Forza 6 Gets Custom Concept Controller

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Microsoft's Xbox hardware team has created a custom Xbox One Elite controller concept themed around the new Ford GT, the car that is featured on the box for Forza Motorsport 6. As you can see, the controller sports a "liquid blue" design, just like the car, but the influences in design go much further. In fact, the controller's triggers have been designed to look like gas and break pedals.

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"On the subtle side this concept features carbon fiber in parts of the case to add strength and lightness," Ford said. "Also the Ford GT steering wheel provided direction on the shape and ergonomic positioning of the invaluable left thumbstick as well as paddles for shifting that mimic the design of the Ford GT's."

"The battery (Sorry, no EcoBoost here) housing has a clear design to represent the rear glass above the engine of the Ford GT," it added. "Last, but definitely not least the trigger buttons which act as your gas and brake pedals have been modified with the look of the GTs pedals. This is a design exercise that went to extraordinary lengths to be as true to the all-new Ford GT as possible and it does not disappoint."

You probably won't be able to buy this controller, however, as it's described as a "one-off design exercise" on the part of the Xbox hardware team. Click through the images in the gallery above for a closer look at the controller and the car it's based on. For more, check out this post on Ford's website.

The $150 Xbox One Elite was released in October. It will be bundled in the new Xbox One Elite console bundle starting later this month; the console included in the package boots up 20 percent faster than the existing model.

Forza 6 launched in September and received its own special Xbox One bundle themed around the Ford GT. For more, check out GameSpot's Forza 6 review.

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