Xbox One's Digital-Only Killer Instinct Finally Comes to Retail, Includes TJ Combo

Microsoft announces the Combo Breaker Pack, which consists of all eight characters from Season 1, plus one from Season 2.

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If you've held out on picking up the new Killer Instinct for Xbox One because you wanted to own a physical disc, you're in luck. Microsoft has announced the Killer Instinct: Combo Breaker Pack, a physical release of the fighting game coming in September.

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Killer Instinct was initially released as a digital-only game alongside the Xbox One last November. Players could download a free version that allowed access to a single fighter, or buy the full game to receive the six fighters available at launch and two more that were subsequently released as DLC.

The Combo Breaker Pack consists of the eight fighters from Season 1, as well as one of the characters, TJ Combo, coming as part of the Season 2 expansion. The package will be launched at retail for $20--the same price as the digital version of Season 1--on September 23 with the unseemly box art to the right.

Microsoft confirmed with GameSpot that the Combo Breaker Pack includes a physical disc, and not a download code. TJ Combo, on the other hand, will only be available as a download using a code included with the game.

Season 2 is in the works at Iron Galaxy Studios, which took over development duties after the game's original developer, Double Helix, was acquired by Amazon earlier this year. It's expected out "later this year" and so far only has one confirmed character besides TJ Combo: Maya, another returning character from earlier in the series.

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