Xbox One/PS4/PC's TrackMania Turbo Release Delayed Until 2016

The intense racing game gets pushed out of 2015.


Racing game TrackMania Turbo is no longer slated for release this year, with publisher Ubisoft today announcing it's been delayed until "early 2016."

A post on Ubisoft's blog explains that it's "received valuable feedback" from fans, which it takes "very seriously." The extra development time will be used to "enhance the campaign and the game's interface." The UI has notoriously been convoluted in past TrackMania games and appeared rough in the looks we'd gotten at Turbo. You can see some of it in the video below that was released in July.

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Nadeo will also look to improve other areas of the game, including multiplayer and online stability. There will be new features, too, including a mode that lets you play against friends on "your favorite user-made tracks." And the Trackbuilder mode will be made "even more accessible and complete," while the random generator will be "fine-tune[d]."

A specific release date for Turbo was not shared. We do know that, despite traditionally being a PC-only series, the game is headed to PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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