Xbox One/PS4 Evolve Ultimate Edition Confirmed, Coming Very Soon

$60 bundle launches on November 3.


As suspected, Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock's monster-hunting game Evolve is getting an Ultimate Edition. Originally leaked on Amazon, 2K Games has now confirmed the bundle.

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You won't have to wait long, either, as it arrives on November 3 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Included in the $60 package the base Evolve game and Monster Expansion Pack, Hunting Season 1, and Hunting Season 2 expansion packs. The game has not been listed for PC.

In other recent Evolve news, 2K has announced the game's next DLC monster, the frightening spider-like creature, Gorgon. This creep creature launches on November 3 alongside the Ultimate Edition.

Evolve launched in February 2015 and has shipped more than 2.5 million copies. Parent publisher Take-Two has referred to the franchise as "permanent" just like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. The company has also teased that a sequel might not be so multiplayer-centric.

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Avatar image for Gloridel

$60?! Nice try!

Avatar image for Keitha313

People even play this anymore?

Haha, the devs really should have just got to work on the next L4D they wasted all their resources on this game that nobody really wanted I don't mean it bad but its just the truth!

Gives us another L4D game that is what we want!

Avatar image for ranzikiel

Lol I was waiting for this game to go f2p.

Avatar image for StephenSays


$60 ... ? Microsoft was just selling this crap for $5

Stop trying to recover your lost. It is FPS season this game has no chance in Hell + you screwed the gamers.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

That is WAYYY too much money for such a terrible game.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

@edwardnygma: Agreed.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

Oh, an ultimate edition you say ?

Who saw this coming. For real, the game shot itself in the foot so hard with it's DLC and microtransaction model. It was just bad all around.

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

Evolve: The Way It Was Supposed to Be Before We Became Asshats and Sold Off Bits and Pieces of the Game Separately Edition

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

I predict 3 people will buy it. Only 3.

Avatar image for Keitha313

@xenomorphalien: Three people liked your comment, could those be the chosen ones?

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

@Keitha313: Nah, thanks to this bug filled comment system, all my comments are automatically liked for some reason.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@xenomorphalien: LOL yes we agree.

Avatar image for ratchet200

Honestly forgot this game existed until I saw this article.

Avatar image for theninjaguydon

Microsoft was selling this trash for $5 the other day.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

@theninjaguydon: This trash, not the Atari landfill trash.. It's all starting to blur.

Avatar image for Khasym

I want to congratulate both Turtle Rock and 2K games, for releasing a full, finished product, at an almost reasonable $60......pity it came almost nine months after the game actually launched.

Avatar image for vickissv2

I also wonder why they had an alpha AND a beta in which I got over 70 hours of gameplay from alone. By the time of release I already had the entire experience for an already - thin ( but fun) game

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Maybe during a one-day $20 flash sale... Maybe.

Avatar image for SwatterXX

Bought used from Gamefly for 15-20 bux. Played maybe 5 times. It just wasn't very fun.

Avatar image for satan21


Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

I guess calling it GOTY Edition would be a stretch.

Avatar image for Tiwill44

This game would be F2P and still no one would play it. It's that dead.

Avatar image for advocacy

Same month as Fallout 4, Black Ops 3, and Star Wars Battlefront. Good luck with that.

Avatar image for xxplicitt

Now I understand why my best friend randomly asked me this morning if I would ever get Evolve on PC. I immediately replied with a big no because this game is dead on PC. According to him the numbers I pulled up and used as proof are all in my head. If you go to Steam Charts you can see that even on a good day Evolve usually peaks at maybe 600 players on Steam. I'm not surprised a PC ultimate edition hasn't been announced, haha.

Avatar image for bubba_1988

This is exactly why I never buy games when they are first released. Usually I'll just wait a year and can buy the ultimate/GOY edition with all the DLC for $20-$39. Only event titles such as GTA or Fallout deserve a day 1 purchase, but those only come around once every 4 years.

Avatar image for jack00

@bubba_1988: Well good luck playing it, if there's more than 100 people still playing this i'd be surprised. And they probably suck too.

Avatar image for advocacy

@bubba_1988: It still costs $60.

Avatar image for rhodawg

@bubba_1988: problem is, no one plays this anymore. I've ran into the issue where I buy a game with a multiplayer component and by the time I try the multiplayer it is dead. But...other than that I understand what you mean, and I am usually the same way, I wait...

Avatar image for beantownsean


Depends on the game really. I haven't been in Borderlands 2 PC for a while, but I bet I can find a match easy as pie.

Avatar image for no_one

@beantownsean: Borderlands 2 will never die until Borderlands 3.

Avatar image for TheZeroPercent

--I wouldn't take it if they paid me too
--I may take a few bucks to do so
--but as soon as the check cleared
--Id remove it from my hard drive

Avatar image for dookie_213

The sure don't give up, do they? One of the most useless, garbage, boring game I ever played. I like 2k but damn Evolve is a big F

Avatar image for evilace_stealth

I had to click the article to see if anyone cares. Looking at the comment section I'd say no, no one cares.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

Ouch... $60 for $8 worth of game. This game is indeed an oxymoron...

Avatar image for Dcyple3000

So the game you guys should have launched was $60+$40 Season Pass +$40 for another Season Pass,+$100 for skins and Weapons. And after what 8 months of no one playing your crappy ass future Walking Sim. You want to charge us $60 for the Ultimate Edition. For all gamers who bough or didn't by your game at launch and to those who bought that $250 collectors edition, on behalf of all these people i would like to say, "GO F%$K YOURSELVES!!!"

Avatar image for beantownsean


I think I'd have a pit in my stomach if I dropped $250 bills on that crap. This is part of the reason why I hate themed consoles and controllers. If the game tanks, you're constantly reminded of it.

I couldn't imagine looking at a Titanfall XBO or Controller everyday. What was the shelf-life of that one?...90 Days?

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

I'll pass on this......

Evolve never did anything for me in the run up to release and with the game being a repetitive mess and bad DLC scheme I'm not gonna bother with it........even if it has all DLC who cares? the game needs more depth....and more ways to play it......sorry but the game is dead on arrival......always will be.....

Avatar image for alaannn

now that they finally finished the game,what is the single player like

Avatar image for berserker66666

Ultimate Fail Edition. That game came and went without nobody really giving a damn.

Avatar image for Javier

"Evolve: What Should Have Been From The Beginning Edition"

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