Xbox One/PC Game Gigantic Lives on With New Publisher

Perfect World steps in.


In February, developer Motiga announced that its Xbox One/PC cross-play game Gigantic was facing some tough times. The startup studio said it was meeting with "a number of potential investors" about securing funding to continue work on the game, and now a partner has been named.

Neverwinter and Star Trek Online publisher Perfect World Entertainment has come forward to publish the game. The game will still come to Xbox One and PC, but also Perfect World's Arc Games platform.

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"2016 continues to be a year of growth for Perfect World Entertainment," Perfect World CEO Bryan Huang said in a statement. "As we expand our lineup of partnered developers, we always want to ensure that our team is publishing quality content for gamers. The passion that the Motiga team has makes them a perfect partner for PWE as we accomplish our goal of bringing quality products to the industry."

Motiga CEO Chris Chung offered his own statement, saying the studio is "thrilled" to work with Perfect World, a team that "shares our vision for our game," he said.

Perfect World SVP of Publishing and Platform Yoon Im added that Gigantic's take on the MOBA gene is "very unique," and one that he imagines players "will really enjoy."

"We work in video games because we enjoy playing them," Im said. "Motiga is working on a game that we believe in and we're excited to bring it to more gamers around the world."

Gigantic was supposed to launch in 2015, but was delayed to 2016 in part because of feedback that Motiga received from the game's closed testing periods. Motiga also had to lay off some staffers recently. Though the layoffs were described as "temporary," it remains to be seen if the affected developers have jobs again.

The game, which supports cross-platform play, pits two teams of five players against each other in a single map. Each team has a guardian, an enormous creature that can move around the map and possesses its own skillset. The goal is to destroy the enemy team's guardian. Killing enemy heroes powers up the killer's guardian and eventually prompts it to go on a rampage, wounding the enemy guardian and providing an opening for the team to deal some extra damage to it.

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