Xbox One/360's Free Games With Gold Lineup for August 2016 Now Available

Two more games are now free, with two more coming on August 16.

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Now Playing: Xbox Games with Gold - August 2016

It's now August, and that means a new slate of Games With Gold titles is now available for download.

Xbox Live Gold members have two new games to download for free today: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate for Xbox One and Spelunky for Xbox 360. Thanks to backward compatibility, Spelunky--one of the most impeccably designed roguelikes ever--is also playable on Xbox One.

Starting on August 16, two more games (WWE 2K16 for Xbox One and Beyond Good & Evil HD for Xbox 360 and One) will be made free to download. WWE 2K16 will take the place of one of July's games, Tumblestone, that remains free through August 15.

You can hit the links below to grab all of the Games With Gold games that are currently free.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

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Avatar image for jack_harry

Wow Free Games with Gold Line-up one of the most playable on Xbox One!! I really happy with playing the PS4 games and recently my friend bought a new Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from E4deal which provides technology from media streaming TV boxes accessories to the latest video games for Playstation, XBOX, & Wii like Xbox 360, Sony PS2, Sony PS3, Sony PS4, Nintendo Wii and more.

Avatar image for jancis25

@Henry_The_Red:you keep all games i can confirm that i tested dark souls as im now ps4 user and every game from gold works. And yes after year of using ps+ games with gold was much better service. I dont know sony xbox has backwards compability + better linup on gwg. Do you really think its a last gen? Really many users came from 360 to ps4 so they have used both services. However thanks for nba 2k16(still playing), helldivers, tropico and rocket league

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@jancis25: Using both services here, happy with both but maybe a bit more with PS+ due to the higher number of exclusives (most of them indies, but hey, I have no problem with that)
This month is particularly good, since for Xone we get 2 game that I would personally never buy, but I was still curious about them :)

Avatar image for hcgamingdad

Orochi is terrible in comparison to the Zelda version. Spelunky is okay. Look forward to Beyond HD. Tron from last month is a pretty good game.

Avatar image for Red_Frog

@hcgamingdad: I agree, I was surprised by Tron. It's a little rough around the edges, still a decent game though.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

Was curious about Warriors Orochi. That game must have something to keep it's fanbase entertained for so long.

Avatar image for ExoticCharm

@Warlord_Irochi: It's a "guilty pleasure" type game. The Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and Warriors Orochi series all suck for the most part for various reasons, but that doesn't change the fact that they are fun to play. It's mindless action that you can have with a friend, and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is the best of them all due to it's amount of content.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@ExoticCharm: Note, I'll check this evening then :)

Avatar image for Bond_Villain

Spelunky??? ehhh... better than most of the indie rubbish I guess.

Avatar image for blackamerica

not bad

Avatar image for darkouer

If I download a free game for XB 360, will it remain playable in full if I end my Gold subscription?, or is it the same as with XB One?

Avatar image for sladakrobot

@darkouer: you can play all X360 games even if your subscription expires

Avatar image for Henry_The_Red

@sladakrobot: Not according to my xbox. Just this past week it kept telling me I'd lose my gold games if I don't renew!

Avatar image for sladakrobot

@Henry_The_Red: You keep ALL X360 GwG games even you are not a gold member.These games are yours to keep.

For Xbox One have access to them as long you maintain your gold membership.

Avatar image for Henry_The_Red

@sladakrobot: That's what I thought too. I think they misworded it to bait me into a sub. Which I was going to do anyway :)

Thanks for the clarification though.

Avatar image for Barighm

Warriors Orochi...damn. Always wanted to try one of those.

Avatar image for Dav_id83

These are better than what Sony give away on PS4 and 3 combined you get utter shite from them

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Dav_id83: except sony already gave out spelunky and beyond good and evil. that means what you were given from Microsoft is also shit. congrats on burning yourself...

Avatar image for Barighm

@Dav_id83: To be fair, when the PS3 originally introduced the program, they offered WAY better games for a much longer time before MS jumped on board. The PS4 games would have to suck for another...oh, 3 years or so before it's even.

Avatar image for darksouls

Not to excited about these but will give each a shot. Hopefully I'm pleasantly surprised!

Avatar image for mpl911

@darksouls: Exactly. who knows?

Avatar image for rob909e

Utter fucking garbage. Way to go Xboner

Avatar image for mpl911

@rob909e: What was it you didn't like about these 4 games when you played them? Was it a graphics thing or were they too buggy to play? Did they have bad plots, or even a lack of plot. Was the gameplay uninvolving or the combat broken? Please tell us more about why you think these 4 games are "utter fucking garbage".

Surely you didn't just see nothing you liked immediately and start shouting off about the games? I mean, only children do that. Please tell us that wasn't what you did here. A grown up would say "hhmm...nothing that springs to mind, but I'll certainly try them all to see if there's a secret gem in there I didn't know about. After all, they are free..."

Avatar image for fanboy_slayer94

@rob909e: LOL. You are a fucking piece of garbage. Do us all a favor and drop dead. Thanks.

Avatar image for sladakrobot

@rob909e: can you show us a list of games you made?

Avatar image for darksouls

@rob909e: K