Xbox One X Pre-Order Guide: GameStop, Best Buy Midnight Openings; Some Still In Stock

Here's your chance to ensure you get a system on launch day.

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November 6 update: Xbox One X is now just hours away from release. Certain stores--including GameStop and Best Buy--will have midnight openings in the US, allowing you to get your hands on one as soon as possible. While the Scorpio Edition is long gone in most cases, it is possible to still pre-order a standard unit from some retailers. Amazon and GameStop still availability online, as does the Microsoft Store--although, in that case, it says it will ship by November 30. Some stores could have units for walk-ins, but you may want to call ahead to make sure. If you're wondering if the system is worth all the fuss, check out our Xbox One X review and list of all the Xbox One X enhanced games.

September 22 update: Amazon also now shows itself to be sold out, joining Target. A number of other US retailers are still offering pre-orders, but there's no telling how long they will last. Similarly, we don't know how easy it will be to find one in stores on release day, November 7.

September 21 update: More Xbox One X-enhanced games have now been confirmed, but Target has apparently sold out of its allotment of systems. Other retailers still show stock being available, however. Meanwhile, Walmart has brought its pre-orders online, giving you another potential place to pick one up. Stores may also have a limited selection of Xbox One X systems on its release date, November 7.

September 20 update 2: Xbox One X pre-orders have gone live at multiple retailers in the US. For as long as they remain in stock, you can pre-order through Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Microsoft Store, and Newegg. The previously announced GameStop bundles range in price from $570 to $800, although the system is also available on its own, too. Keep in mind these are the standard editions, not the Scorpio edition. They offer the same functionality; you'll simply be missing out on a special design and a free vertical base that allows you to stand your console upright.

September 20 update: GameStop's Xbox One X pre-orders go live today, and Microsoft has announced that a number of other retailers will also follow suit. These include the Microsoft Store and Amazon. We'll report back with more specifics as they're available.

September 19 update: GameStop has announced that it will offer pre-orders on the standard edition Xbox One X beginning on September 20 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET. Quantities are likely to be limited. The retailer will also offer optional layaway bundles, as well as up to $200 in credit for PowerUp Rewards members who trade in their existing console toward the new system.

August 25 update: If you've had trouble pre-ordering an Xbox One X, this might be why: Microsoft has announced it is the fastest pre-ordered Xbox console ever. The Scorpio Edition appears to be mostly sold out--although, again, you might have luck by continuing to check in at retailers that are currently out of stock. Microsoft says details on pre-orders of the standard edition will be shared at some point in September. We'll report back as we receive more information.

August 23 update: Retailers have sporadically been bringing pre-orders back online over the last day. As of this writing, Target has them back in stock again, although they may not last long. As with the SNES Classics, which have reappeared briefly, it may be worth periodically checking the retailer listings linked below to see if you can get lucky. Keep in mind, the Scorpio Edition will be available by pre-order only, though the system is functionally identical to the standard Xbox One X model.

Original Story: Microsoft's Gamescom livestream today brought with it the expected news: Xbox One X pre-orders are now live. Below, you'll find the basic details on how and where to pre-order the system. We'll continue to update this as more retailers bring their pre-orders online. The Xbox One X launches worldwide on November 7 for $500 / £449 / AU $649. Pre-orders are already available through a number of retailers, which you can visit through the links below.

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There are at least two bundles available--GameStop is packaging the Elite controller with the Xbox One X for $600 in the US, a $50 discount over buying them separately. It also has another bundle with a second controller and more for $583.

Microsoft has also announced a Project Scorpio Edition of Xbox One X for the same price as the standard edition. This is available by pre-order only and features a unique design and an exclusive vertical stand. According to a tweet from Microsoft's Albert Penello, any Xbox One X pre-order listing you see is for the Scorpio Edition, whether or not the listing reflects that. There's no word yet on when or if you'll be able to pre-order the non-Scorpio Edition.

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Avatar image for Conjuration

Great game enjoying it very much. Haven’t bought a COD in years. Seems like the people who buy it every time are the ones bitching. No idea why.

Avatar image for donjuancorleone

It doesnt surprise me that there are some still in stock.

Avatar image for sotacane

Walmart has been sold out for a while fyi

Avatar image for rodoxthedark

As powerful as it is, it still suffers from the same problem as the vanilla Xbox zero exclusive games so and it’s a hugely powerful mid range system that will never really use its full power. Drunk

Avatar image for sealionact

@rodoxthedark:"a hugely powerful mid range system that will never really use its full power".


Avatar image for rodoxthedark

@sealionact: think I was drunk when I wrote that! I’m guessing I meant mid cycle. So it won’t get dedicated games. But either way mine arrives tomorrow. Lol

Avatar image for mortacan

Will this come back in stock on Amazon anytime soon?

Avatar image for BuyaPC

There sure is a lot of people fighting their hardest to downplay the one x, that's when you know MS is doing something right with it. If this thing was truly as worthless and pointless as you all say it is there wouldn't be 3 to 1 comments of PlayStation and PC fans trying their hardest to downplay it, they would just ignore it. Just like in every other aspect of life, no one concerns themselves this much with things that are no threat to them which is why the more you guys speak out against it the more MS knows they have you all bent over. Best example I can give is Nintendo is no where on my radar for anything , I couldn't possibly care less about nintendo and although I find it amusing when people try to act like it's such a great console I've never wasted a breath trying to downplay anything about Nintendo cause Its truely no threat or competition to me in any way. If anything I hope it does well since Nintendo is brave enough to do their own thing and not apologise for it. I just realized too that I've never said anything bad about the PS4 pro either hmmmm?

Avatar image for bubba_666

Very few games will run at actual 4K folks, just certain ones with a patch. Old 360 games just won't have as much "screen tearing" as they use to. The visuals won't look better, and those games were way before 4K existed, devs aren't going to waste time on old games. Hell they are barely doing it to new ones. Also people don't stop to think about what kind of TV they have. If you have a 4K TV an S and PS4 Slim the TV upscales anyway. Which isn't actual 4K but it looks amazing at any rate. So paying 500$ for true 4K (in few cases) is just really a horrible idea. But that's Micro$$$oft for you. All about that money. At least PS4 players have patience because they know the 3rd party games already looked better on PS4 to begin with along with all the great exclusives coming out next year and on. And btw did you see the crappy games that will run at 4K? HORRIBLE. So nah, stick with the old.

Avatar image for sealionact

@bubba_666: You sound personally threatened by a piece of plastic. You also sound like you want a console to fail...which is puzzling, because it doesn't affect your enjoyment of the games you play on the platform of your choice.

X1x won't be a huge sales success. We know that...heck, even Microsoft have been very clear that they expect the one s to be the main seller.

I'm getting one, because it makes more sense to get an x1x over a pro - to me. You mention that 360 games won't look better (which is wrong) but fail to acknowledge that at least previous gen games I own are playable on a new gen console at no extra cost, unlike on my PS4.

When you say "Devs won't waste time on old games", you do realise that Devs are actually supporting the x1x more than the pro? That there are more enhanced games by Devs before the x1x launch than there is for the PS4 pro a year after release?

Finally, you better hope x1x sells well if you have any hopes of ever seeing a ps5. If it flops, Sony have very little reason to invest the resources needed to launch a competing console...PS4 is basically keeping Sony afloat at the moment, and they would be very wary about rocking the boat unless they absolutely had to.

Avatar image for bubba_666

These things won't sell out. Some guy messed up my Wal-Mart in store pre-order when I put down 50$. Forgot to keep the little brochure and to give me a card with all of my info on it. I knew something was wrong. So I said f-it. I'll pre-order (maybe) from one of the sites online. Much easier. But they also said I was the very FIRST to pre-order one. So I think they'll sit on the shelves as always.

Avatar image for plus_1

People thinking theres generations going forward are funny. Refreshes as tech becomes avail and affordable.

Avatar image for Pedro

@plus_1: I know. But its entertaining to watch.

Avatar image for slypher9

So instead of focusing on the big issue, they focus on the small issue which they think POWER was why there system isn't selling as they'd like...

I'll be here to see how this plays out... or if MS gives up there console business and just do PC seeing as all there titles go to PC... The "FEELING" or wanting to own a X isn't there anymore

Avatar image for sealionact

@slypher9: So by your logic and I'm guessing your preference, we should all still be playing PS2?

Avatar image for carving_a_giant

@sealionact: what the hell does this have to do with PS2? That was 3 generations ago.

Avatar image for sealionact

@carving_a_giant: Because every console maker has focused on improving graphical differences over the previous console. The post I was replying to suggested MS was foolish for focusing on increasing graphical grunt. To which I sarcastically suggested that we should all be playing on a PS2 because it has less grunt with a bigger library.

Any more questions?

Avatar image for mcchickens608

Haha Microsoft still pumpin' cash into every game site to get it advertised their Crapbox XYZ is still available for preorder!!! Get one now before they run out!

Avatar image for xboxps2cube

Marketing 101 - what is your unique competitive advantage? Xbox doesn't truely have any of that this generation due to the Xbox games on PC and other things they done. Sony and Nintendo have that with their exclusive games. If Microsoft really cared about gamers, they would understand that games are truely the most important. Everything else will come to them. I seen them relax on the games side since the release of that Kinect trash at the end of the 360/PS3 Gen and Sony kept pumping games out.

Avatar image for visforvictory

Ummmmm yeah, no supply shortage of these. Although I bet they are selling a little bit better than the Zune.

Avatar image for northArrow

@visforvictory: Don't forget Kinect

Avatar image for Pedro

@northArrow: Kinect sold in the MILLIONS. So, your comparison is silly if its supposed to be a jab.

Avatar image for slypher9

@visforvictory: oooh you didn't go there.. where person thinking this was another Zune fiasco

Avatar image for greaseman1985

I'll wait for the bundles and sales around Christmas.

Avatar image for plus_1

Everyone on here talking about the X has no exclusives. Im sicc of this faulty ass ideology that “exclusives” move hardware. NO! PS has over 60 MILLION CONSOLES IN THE WILD! Yet, their BEST EXCLUSIVE hasnt even hit 10 million? Barely 5. So the idea that “EXCLUSIVES” move consoles is BS!!

Fact is visuals, multi plats and friends move consoles. With that said, the X will have the best graphics, which means will run ALL the multi plats MUCH MUCH better than any other console out for the next 2 years and friends will start following friends. Starting off with the triccle effect. And lets not forgot why Sony has this lead. It has a lil over a 1/3 of MS’s fanbase from the 360 from the horrid ‘13 E3. I see at least half of that fanbase coming bacc to the fold if not more by Feb ‘18. Ontop of Sony fans that will picc up an X.

So in conclusion the X has exclusivity in no other console will run ANY AAA game better than it will for 2 years. Now thats exclusive.

Avatar image for slypher9

@plus_1: the big picture of exclusivity and why it sells a system is because you can't get that game experience anywhere else..

You don't see GoW, uncharted, or GT on PC, or xbox or switch.... so person have now-where else to go if they wanna play such games..

Its not only the horrid pr disaster the sank xbox this gen, lets look at why ps wasn't the dominant console last gen despite hardware superiority. 1) Biggest factor was price, 2) And because of such price Sony couldn't afford to give out much incentives...

after the pr disaster MS still could have recovered if they were willing to shell out the incentive they did in the 360 era but they made it clear that those incentives were going to stop as they think they didn't need to do it anymore after the 360 era victory... They also saw that in the last 2 years of the ps3/360 era Sony was moving more consoles and there momentum was building so killing the incentive paying was silly..

Looking at the xbox system on a whole you don't NEED it because MS has now decided to put all the exclusives on PC so the feel of wanting that console because you can't get those games anywhere else has dwindle..

In this gen of gaming NEVER put down the need of incentives, 3rd party devs love it.. and it plays along with the "GOT TO HAVE IT NOW" crowd...

So yea console "exclusive", can sway a person and also where is friends are...

Avatar image for plus_1

@slypher9: why you think console gamers WANT to play on PC, the most cancerous platform, is beyond me. So the xbox console IS and will ALWAYS be needed for many reasons including the one I just mentioned. Other than that, VISUALS move hardware. Sony obtained the lead because graphically MS skimped because of aholes that had no tru desire to even have a gaming division were running things. 1080p vs 720-900p, the battle outcome was set when it started.

Avatar image for slypher9

@plus_1: I could say the same for dreamcast.. It was clearly more powerful than the Ps2 and see where that get them...

Its not that console gamers WANT to play on the PC.. Its that when you take your best asset and make them available on a superior machine, you kill the feeling of wanting to own said machine..

MS want the X brand to expand into the pc stage thats why there is no exclusivity anymore and X is shared with PC..

Most buy Nintendo stuff because you cant go nowhere else for it... Sony while it has a few exclusive you can't get nowhere else, the feeling of needing that console it there because of the incentives Sony pay out to get stuff first and hold it for a couple of months, and that is huge in this era of gaming..

Sony didn't just obtain the lead because of graphics, please...

Sony lead was there for the taking, that momentum was building from the final 2 year of the ps3 life when that beat finally dropped in price and the power was showing..

Sony also knew few was goona be able to purchase a X1 and Ps4 within the same month.. The X1 wasn't a big power margin like over the ps4 like the X1X is to the others..

and i'm not sold on Visuals sells hardware.. the switch is weaker than both and if it continues its space it will certain have a bigger install base than MS at the end of its run.. and it won't be the first time Nintendo has beaten MS and Sony while having a inferior hardware.. as the Wii dominated that era in install base.. If visual was critical as MS would like you to believe Wii and possibly the switch wouldn't be selling so much.. and if visual move hardware, the PS PRO should be selling more than the ps4 as its visual fidelity is better

I like the X1X but i don't feel the urge to get one, same as i did for the ps4 pro.. because again MS hasn't sold to me why there's a NEED to get the system beyond graphic fidelity, and no i don't by that native 4k bs for first party games

Avatar image for plus_1

@slypher9: thats facts righ there with that dreamcast and ps2 era, cant argue that.

Killing the feeling? I dont see it that way, as many console gamers are set in concrete. PC is something on no ones mind, in the console relm. So I see it as MS being smart in offering on both sides of the fence. From that business plan, xbox gets and will begin to get more of PC titles, ie PoE(not on ps4, excellent game). So its a fair trade imo. From a consumers stand point coming into gaming blind, does any of this matter? No. Only where my friends are. And theyre where ever the graphics are.

As far as nintendo taking the crown in sales going forward is a fair assesment, but mind you the price point for the handheld and the demograph its directed to. Moreso than the PS4 and X1, nintendo is designed with children in mind, whether that be by imagination or just their overall presentation from day one. Its universally(is that a word) loved, from the very young to the yed even the very old. They should never lose imo. Hell my wifey wants one and the throwbacc mini. So yea...

And to end, I feel the urge to upgrade simply because Ive always wanted PC graphics on console. Will there be an X2? Yup right alongside PS5 and Ill be grabbing that too and giving my kids the X. Going forward, I see tech evolving at a faster rate almost 2 times its current pace, year over year. That said I think generations are all but dead. Only thing really left is having that PC and dividing the base between kb&m and controller.

Avatar image for khanwashere

@plus_1: I'm not buying the Scorpio for it's games, because clearly it doesn't have any "exclusives". I can play all of them on either PC or PS4 Pro. I'm buying it because its graphics *should* be better than the PS4 Pro. I hate gaming against PC gamers with Keyboard and Mouse. It's impossible to enjoy even a few minutes of anything online related if I want to play on PC with the Xbox One controller just for the sake of superior graphics. If the X gives close enough graphics to PC then I don't mind gaming on a console if it mean a more fair experience. My first game on the X with be Battlefront II, because that's one of the rare few online games I actually want to get.

Gamers flip flop, they almost always go with whatever's best. Xbox 360 to PS4 back to Xbox One X then onto PS5... it's a cycle, games don't drive it, display technology does. It just so happens that in the past few years Xbox was well below average on all fronts and Sony stepped up and became the leader. That will soon pass, like Presidencies, you get good, then bad then good then sometimes INCREDIBLY BAD then with luck, good again.

Avatar image for slypher9

@khanwashere: They don't really flip flop much IF the price, isn't right... the ONLY reason MS won the ps3/360 era was because Sony shot themselves in the foot with the price of the ps3... If the ps3 was the price of the 360, no way MS would win that era despite also being 1year behind..

Sony will win this era and unless they do something stupid like making the hardware expensive or stop paying incentives.. they they have a high chance to win the ps5 era..

Power can only do so much as the Wii and now the switch is showing, then again not because you have the biggest install base it spells easy $$$$$...

Avatar image for plus_1

@khanwashere: my point tho. Graphics on consoles are one major factor when pushing hardware, but so many salt liccers in here simply stating that because the X has no “exclusives” is irrelevant at this stage in gaming, for the simple reason of the three points I stated above. I mean PS4 games are going to PC as well, so everyone always pointing the ecosystem that MS has created for one platform is also irrelevant going forward. If anyone cannot see that, then speech is waisted on them.

Edit: Yes SWBFII was preordered as soon as they said free dlc going forward. Deluxe edition.

Avatar image for khanwashere

@plus_1: Another problem with gamers is when Xbox One first launched, fanboys fought tooth and nail that graphics didn't matter as long as the games are fun. In retaliation the then most powerful console ever made, the PS4, xbots claimed the human eye can't see past 720p/30 anyways... blah blah.. Now graphics matter to xbox people and native 4k is more important than checkerboard 4k. Everyone will have a problem no matter what.

Avatar image for plus_1

@khanwashere: thats tru

Avatar image for nismo458

@plus_1: The X has no exclusives

Avatar image for plus_1

@nismo458: neither does PS4 if you go by its “exclusives” sales totals compared to its player base. Which tells me Sony obtained its player base because its online was free prior to the 4. But in more in tune with your comment, I like many others will be enjoying the holiday games on a much more suitable console for the upcoming demanding titles for consoles.

Avatar image for slypher9

@plus_1: just a pick at what u said..."I like many others will be enjoying the holiday games on a much more suitable console for the upcoming demanding titles for consoles"

Which title coming this year or next is "DEMANDING" on consoles... Power-Creeping mid cycle isn't a good idea you fragment the console space...

X dev make there title for the most powerful console out there then have to trickle down the setting to fit on a console of that same manufacture to please that audience... you might as well ignore or so so the effort of the small % that will own the powerful one to please the larger crowd..

Unless MS pays some serious incentives out, which they hardly did for the X1 then this mid-upgrade is going to be left to MS again to drive it..

PS has more feeling of exclusivity than MS, person can't get officially get Uncharted, Grand Tursimo, or God Of War anywhere else.. while all you have to do is ignore the Xbox and get there games on PC..

Avatar image for plus_1

@slypher9: pay incentives? Going forward devs will almost beg to show off there games for console on the X. Ie Anthem. They wont have to do much. And again you go with no need for xbox because of pc? I want 4k on forza. No mid range pc is gonna do that. Especially at the X price. The hassel isnt worth it. I prefer the ease that is consoles, like the other 200 + million consoles out there in the world. The ecosystem that theyve created works great! I game on console but for games like GWENT and such i use i7 asus laptop. The need for both is there! So you thinking that MS is cutting off its nose to spite its face is the complete opposite.

Avatar image for neoistheone

@nismo458: the ps4 pro has no games. It is fact that the Xbox one x even before launch will have more games than the pro a full year after launch.

The ps4 pr I has no games and no reason to purchase it.

Avatar image for slypher9

@neoistheone: the big major diff is that the ps pro was $100 over the ps4 how much is the X1X over a new X1S and its NOT a new generation it mid life cycle.. means that give or take in 2-3 year a new X is coming to blow this out the water...

If you are down with this mid BS power leap sure go ahead, but when MOST want there investment to stretch i can see with that more... Its for that reason i didn't purchase a ps pro

Sony marketing for the pro was so soft it makes you wonder why they even did the system in the first place other than to push VR..

Avatar image for khanwashere

@neoistheone: Climate change is a concocted conspiracy by China too.

Avatar image for CrusaderForever

I have a feeling, a hunch that there will always be X1Xs available, every where.

Avatar image for sealionact

@CrusaderForever: So pretty much the same situation as with the ps4 pro? Gotcha.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

I have a hunch the Xbox Store will never list it as sold out. ;)

Avatar image for midna

I think I'll just stick with my gaming PC.