Xbox One X Deal: Get A System And 3 Games For $500 In The US

The retailer Walmart has launched a pretty nice deal on Microsoft's newest Xbox.


The good Xbox One X deals just keep coming. American retailer Walmart has rolled out a pretty sweet deal where you can get a system and three games for $500.

Included in the bundle is the standard black 1 TB Xbox One X system, along with copies of Destiny 2, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and Grand Theft Auto V. It is not immediately clear, but it appears you are getting physical copies instead of digital ones.

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Given that the Xbox One X sells for $500 by itself, this is a pretty good deal, especially if you're also interested in the included games. Go to Walmart's website to learn more and place an order; note that this deal is only good in the United States.

Destiny 2, Battlefront II, and GTA V were all generally well-received and continue to receive new content updates on a regular basis. That is expected for Destiny 2 and Battlefront II, given they were only just released in 2017. But GTA V has been an enduring powerhouse, shipping 90 million copies, and still getting updates for its GTA Online mode years after release.

We have seen quite a few good Xbox One X deals lately. Another includes an Xbox One X with an extra controller for $460, while this one gets you a free copy of Dynasty Warriors 9 when you buy the system. In other news, this week's Xbox One Deals With Gold offers have been announced, and they include nice discounts on Call of Duty: WWII, Rocket League, NBA 2K18, and many others--here is a full rundown of this week's deals.

For more on each title, check out GameSpot's reviews linked below.

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