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Xbox One X Benefits For Titanfall 2 Revealed

"Titanfall 2 on Xbox One X is a substantially clearer/sharper image presentation."


Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall 2 is among the more than 130 Xbox One games getting enhanced for Xbox One X. Now, we've learned a lot more about the specific improvements that players on Microsoft's new console can expect.

In an Xbox Wire post, Respawn lead producer Drew McCoy started off by saying the rendering details and dynamic resolution ceiling have been increased. "This means the game will always output a 4K signal, but dynamically alter the resolution based on GPU load to ensure smooth framerates," he explained.

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What's more, Respawn is now using a feature from the PC version--dynamic superscaling--on Xbox One X that ensures the game uses 100% of the GPU.

"Titanfall 2 on Xbox One X is a substantially clearer/sharper image presentation," McCoy said. "Players will notice lots of little details in the world and it maintains the fluid 60 fps framerate needed for smooth gameplay more often so you won' see any frame rate drops even with a bunch of 20 foot Titans battling it out at once."

Go to the Xbox Wire to hear everything McCoy had to say about the Xbox One X enhancements for Titanfall 2. And for more on Xbox One X-enhanced games, check out our roundup of all them here.

The Xbox One X launches on November 7, priced at $500 in the US. We'll have lots more on the console in the days and weeks ahead, so keep checking back soon for more.

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