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Xbox One Won't Add Any More Backwards Compatible Games Until The New Year

136 Xbox 360 games, 7 enhanced 360 titles, and 13 classic Xbox games re-released in 2017.


Xbox's Major Nelson has announced there won't be any more Xbox One backwards compatible games until the new year. The team is taking some time off for the holidays, he announced in a tweet, after a big 2017 for the backwards compatibility program.

Microsoft released 136 Xbox 360 games, 7 Xbox One X-enhanced Xbox 360 titles, and 13 original Xbox games for the Xbox One this year. Major Nelson said there will be more releases in the new year, which comes as no surprise as Microsoft has made it clear it's deeply committed to the backwards compatibility program now and into the future. This is especially true for Xbox 360 games; Microsoft has said it won't be releasing classic Xbox games as frequently, with the next ones not expected until Spring 2018.

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Last week, Microsoft unveiled its final Xbox One backwards compatible games for 2017. The two new backwards compatibility games, both originally playable on the Xbox 360, are Earth Defense Force 2017 and the Dreamcast classic Sonic Adventure 2. The former title was a physical release, while the latter was only available on Xbox 360 digitally as a Xbox Live Arcade title.

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There are now more than 400 backwards compatible games available in the Xbox library. If you own the original discs for any of them, you simply pop it into your Xbox One disc tray and begin playing. For digital games you own, they'll be waiting in the Ready to Download section of My Games and Apps. Of course, you can also purchase any of the old titles now from the Xbox Store. To see what's available, check out GameSpot's full list of backwards compatible games.

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