Xbox One Wireless Adapter Announced for PCs

New device allows Xbox One controllers to be used on Windows 10 PCs wirelessly.


Microsoft has announced it will be releasing the Xbox Wireless Adapter this fall, allowing its Xbox One controller to be used on PCs without being tethered via USB.

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According to the platform holder the device allows Xbox One controllers to be supported wirelessly on all PCs, laptops, and devices running Windows 10.

"We are happy to announce that starting this fall, you’ll be able to purchase the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows to enjoy the freedom and convenience of the wireless controller on Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and tablets," it said.

When approached for clarification, a Microsoft representative reiterated that the Xbox Wireless Adapter was for "Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and tablets to enable the same gaming experience you’re used to on Xbox One," indicating previous versions of the operating system are not supported.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows will be available for $24.99. It can also be purchased in a bundle with the Xbox One Wireless Controller for $79.95.

Although Microsoft has not announced pricing for territories outside of United States, it has said the device and the bundle will be "sold in most markets where Xbox accessories are currently available."

Asked whether international releases would fall in the same window, Microsoft said "more details on exact timing will be announced later this year."

It must be noted that the new Xbox Wireless Adapter will not work with wireless Xbox 360 controllers.

Along with this announcement, Microsoft officially confirmed a new 1TB Xbox One and a new controller that features a number of enhancements, including a headphone port, tweaked bumpers, and wireless updating functionality.

Microsoft announcements come ahead of its E3 press conferences on June 15. Take a look at our full E3 press conference schedule for further timing details.

For more on the show and GameSpot's coverage plans for it, check out the video below.

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