Xbox One will support Xbox 360 headsets with an adapter

Existing headsets will be able to operate with the Xbox One, confirms Microsoft, but it's currently unclear if the adapter will be sold separately.


Wired Xbox 360 headsets will be compatible with the Xbox One via an adapter, Microsoft has confirmed.

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"We are working to develop an adapter for current wired headsets to connect," said Microsoft's Xbox Support account on Twitter. "More details as we approach launch."

Earlier this week Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One wouldn't ship with a headset in the box, with the company saying that the bundled Kinect hardware features its own microphone.

"Each Xbox One includes the new Kinect sensor," said Microsoft, "with a highly sensitive multi-array microphones designed to enable voice inputs and chat as a system-level capability, both in-game and with Skype and other experiences."

Microsoft's Xbox One comes with a proprietary headset jack, whereas Sony's PlayStation 4 will use a standard microphone jack. The Xbox 360 features a 2.5mm headphone jack, similar to many cell phones.

Microsoft has not said whether the Xbox 360 headset adapter will be included with the Xbox One console or whether it will be made available for sale separately.

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Avatar image for bluespire1

Um...Does any body know if the wireless ones are compatible?

Avatar image for ChevLss

Just one more reason for this 360(two red ringers before + old Box) to be my last xbox. F@cking sick of M$ telling me to suck it and by their machine/products anyway. F@cking nickle and dime gangsters....

Avatar image for Lazuliv

Doesn't matter if it's included or not I want the pretty headset in the picture anyway.

Avatar image for EchoStation

Wow they really expect everyone to leave there kinect voice chat on during games? This is going to be the most anoying thing possible. I can hear it now, TURN YOUR DAMN TV DOWN!!!

Avatar image for Arijan83

I dont use cheap headsets, only turtle beach

Avatar image for TheArcade

But my question is can you use an Xbox 360 Bluetooth headset on Xbox One?

Avatar image for TooCoolForYou

Knowing Microsoft, the adapter will cost just as much as the Xbox One headset. If they can't screw you over with buying a Xbox One headset, they pretty much will with the cost of the adapter.

Avatar image for acelogan1989


Avatar image for lev2013

they should package in that headset adaptor or sell it for cheap cause no one really cares about that mono headset when most people have something way better

Avatar image for 96augment

@Cl0ud @Lillypaw @rookiesniper195 Why?

Avatar image for jnosk8

I really hope i can use my Xp500s. I dont want to drop another 300$ dollars on a headset.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ac6278795a4e

Sucks to suck.

Avatar image for lilmcnessy

So now you need specific hardware and can't use a standard headset? It was bad enough that you needed a 2.5mm plug in the 360.

Avatar image for spectreSE7EN

Kinect is not an option for me as a mic. For one, I sit 18' away from the screen. When I play late at night I'm gonna piss off my wife and kids if they hear me talking loud so the kinect can hear me. Not an ideal solution for everyone. A headset allows me to keep my voice down and still allow friends to hear me. Plus when you fork out good money for a set of turtle beach or in my case, Astros, I really don't want my headset to become useless with the new console. Glad to hear there will be an adapter but think it is pretty shitty that they had to go with a proprietary connection. Unless the adapter is included with the console this is just another way for them to make money off all of those people who invested in a high quality headset knowing that these people will buy the adapter vs a new headset.

Avatar image for kungfuj0

Here's a thought, MS. Why not spend the money you will use on development of an adapter on actually putting a headset in with the xbone in the first place???

Common sense FTW!!!

Avatar image for Detroman

Good this it what they should do update their headset technology and leave behind the old shit and at least their giving an option to use the old shit

Avatar image for Hammmodi

let me guess...the adapter will come with the new headsets right ?

Avatar image for BigBossWato

SO to use the 360 headset you need to pay for the adapter.

Avatar image for Rayzakk

Isn't that Sony headset just a cheap earbud with a mic pretty much? Of course I'm afraid of the kinect after watching Paranormal Activity 4.

Avatar image for m4a5

@Cl0ud @Lillypaw @rookiesniper195 Obvious troll is obvious

Avatar image for m4a5

"Each Xbox One includes the new Kinect sensor," said Microsoft, "with a highly sensitive multi-array microphones designed to enable voice inputs and chat as a system-level capability, both in-game and with Skype and other experiences."

This is why I could care less if it comes with a cheap mic or not. Well, unless it turns out to be as crappy as the first kinect...

Avatar image for Kinetic_Warfare

thank god I don't have to buy another mic..... even if the console came with a mic it is going to suck just like the PS4 mic will....... the thing looks cheap Both of them do but o well

Avatar image for zenstrata

@Weasley28 have you been living under a rock the last few months? Its been all over the news about the NSA spy programs. There have been numerous news articles about how they are working with microsoft and other companies to record and catalog every phone call and online communication. Do you honestly think that they would let the opportunity to hook up to a camera and microphone in our homes as well?

Avatar image for jsmoke03

lol it seems that ms is back peddling about anything negative lol....get rid of the kinect. c'mon guys...lets get a campaign started

Avatar image for ender707

The kinect is useless for in-game voice coms. I hated having to hit the xbox button and go through the menu to mute everyone who was using it. It sits next to your tv and SPEAKERS. The person is 8 or 10 feet away.

Avatar image for COPMAN221ISBACK

adaptor priced at $69. the perfect price point for our xbots claims Microscam..

Avatar image for Retroact1ve

@ALCHEMISTx24x7 LOL indeed friend:

Microsoft has filed a patent application for a computer system that will allow advertisers to target customers based on their emotions.

The patent includes a method to determine emotion over a certain period of time using a variety of methods, including:

Monitoring a user's online activity for tone and content.

Combing through a user's online history, such as search queries, emails and instant messages, to check tone.

Examining a user's facial expressions, speech patterns, gestures and body movements, captured by image or audio devices.

The system would then store the user's emotional state - positive, happy, confused, neutral, negative, angry or sad - in what the patent calls "an emotional state database."

Have fun with microsoft profiting off your emotions and reaction to ads ;-)
Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Well I highly doubt it would be included. A headset adapter included, but a headset not? Unlikely. If it excluded, you might as well just buy the new headset. I'll be getting a turtle beach if I end up getting a Xbox One anyway.

Avatar image for NephilimWarlord

Hi MS fans, we are pleased to announce the Xbox One which will cost you $100 more than our competition but there's good news. We will not be including a headset and not supporting your existing headsets unless you give us more money for an adapter.

Bless our greedy little hearts.

Your Pal,


Avatar image for bmart970

That's nice. I already have a pretty expensive headset, and I didn't want to get another.

Avatar image for SexyMiralda

As it stands the headset is crap. So, are they forcing us to mount another piece of junk to this?

Avatar image for MetaMods

@ALCHEMISTx24x7 @Dasim64 did someone glue your caps key?

Avatar image for Dasim64
@ALCHEMISTx24x7 @Dasim64 I happen to have 2 360's right now so I'm hardly a Sony Fanboy. In fact I've been playing State of Decay on my 360 all week and it's a great game. I just happen to not like how Microsoft is handling things with the XB1. They should never have locked out older headsets and other hardware to begin with. It was a stupid move and them saying they'll make an adaptor is an admission of that just like their reversal on the whole DRM fiasco. You have to call them on their BS or they'll just keep doing it.
Avatar image for gamespotpanayis

@Dasim64 @ALCHEMISTx24x7

Not sure they are locking out the headsets. They have changed the way the controller communicates with it's peripherals (headset, mic, keyboard, touchpad..whatever). Could they have made it backward compatible? Sure, but they decided to design the console as a new console without making concessions to older hardware.

I would prefer a console that is envisaged, designed and built to be the best they can, rather than include compromises for older hardware. I want it to be as good as it can be, as it's got to last 5 years or more.

Sure, I'd be pissed off if I'd invested in a great headset I couldn't use on the XB1, but they're making an adapter.

The controller is no longer just mono, so you can get full game sound through your controller.. meaning you don't need your 4 meter lead back to the console. This also opens up the potential for multi-player split-screen players each getting their own game audio feed (rather than just chat).

They've reduced latency and increased bandwidth by switching to WiFi direct (over some sort of proprietary RF system they were using on the 360).

All-in-all good design and good product decisions.

Avatar image for DaN_WiL

What about my $60 wireless mic?

Avatar image for crazyrage23

@DaN_WiL still will work

Avatar image for nannasin

@DaN_WiL isnt that what wifi direct is for. A replacement of bluetooth or am i wrong?

Avatar image for DaN_WiL

@nannasin @DaN_WiL The new xbone is using a newer protocol of WiFi direct. The x360 controllers also communicate via this format, and since they said x360 accessories don't work with xbone (before their massive 180), I can only assume I'm boned for that

But with this adapter I could probably still use my XP500, you should check them out on eBay right now they're like averaging $130 used and they are really good.

Avatar image for keech

More MS damage control. I almost feel like we broke MS's spirit by forcing them to drop all the big brother crap with the X1. Seems every time a bit of news comes out, they have to stammer out some kind of excuse, apology, or consolation about it a few days later.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

@ALCHEMISTx24x7 @Dasim64

No real need to shout, is there?

Avatar image for RAMBOZOx

@ALCHEMISTx24x7 @Dasim64 Actually any headset that works for the ps3 will work for the PS4, nothings changed. However you will need to buy an adapter to use your old 360 headsets with the One. I don't recall anyone asking them to change form factors, or to release a most likely shoddy adapter. So how is it Microsoft is listening to their fans?

Avatar image for Dasim64

Just more crap to charge people for. You can't tell me they didn't plan this from the start. Microsoft loves to charge you for all the little crap. $20 here, $20 there. Next thing you know they've juked another $100 out of everyone.

Avatar image for ElFlechero

@Dasim64 Just wait for a 3rd party manufacturer to make a knock-off adapter for $6. Personally, I'm pretty excited to hear that an adapters will be made, because I only recently got some nice Turtle Beaches and was ticked that I wouldn't be able to use them.

Avatar image for Dasim64

@ElFlechero @Dasim64 I'll agree that it's good that at least the are doing something but it should never have been an issue to begin with. They will still undoubtedly charge for this item and that seems to be how they do things. Charge for every little thing, even stuff that should have been included with the system to begin with.

Avatar image for RAMBOZOx

@ElFlechero @Dasim64 Yeah like Nyko or Plantronics? because they make such awesome products.

Avatar image for RAMBOZOx

Sure that's great, but what about degradation of signal for high end headsets? If someone paid $200-300 on a high end 7.1 headset will the adapter negate the quality you paid for? Changing form factor is nothing but a cash grab. I know that it's supposed to be digital mic support, but what does that matter when over half the community will be screaming at their Kinect? I for one end up muting people all the time, but now every person buying a Xbox One will have a mic picking up their kids, loud tv's, crappy music, and whatever else is going on in the room. We all know these situations, and it's pretty annoying to have a guy drop into a match online with one of these things going on, and you have to stop, and mute some inconsiderate jerks noise. I just see this getting worse now. Yeah I know noise cancelling, directional, all that sounds great, but it never works as great as they say it will.

Avatar image for gamespotpanayis


I think you're confused. We are talking about the controller connection, not the console connection. They still have the optical out on the console for high-quality audio. This is the controller adapter they are talking about, not the console audio out. The controller audio only consists of voice chat and mic on the 360.. but will include full stereo game audio on the new controllers.

Avatar image for Retroact1ve

@RAMBOZOx Most undoubtedly there will be a loss in sound quality. It's common sense but I guess most people wont notice will they? Most people are suckers and that is why all of these crazed morons come to the defense in anything remotely criticizing microsoft. I thought this time around since I make more money now (100% more than last console release) I'd think about getting both systems. Then I realized mandatory kinect, DRM, cloud offloading to compensate for weaker hardware, and a host of other problems. The DRM backpeddal did nothing to bring me back all it did was prove they knew they were wrong.

Not only that but they claimed it wasn't as simple as flicking a software switch to turn off the DRM... but then overnight magically it's off, ooohhhkay I believe you. So are they lying now, or just lying when they said it wasn't something that could be easily turned off? Either way they continually lie to their consumers. No thanks ms I dont want to be treated as part of a test group to sell product to through your smart ads that use kinect to tell if I liked a commercial or not based on my emotions. Nope count me out and enjoy to those who do decide to go with it, and back to topic there will be massive loss using a generalized adapter made by a third party that's not specifically made for the headset to compensate for a change in connections =-)