Xbox One will support Xbox 360 headsets with an adapter

Existing headsets will be able to operate with the Xbox One, confirms Microsoft, but it's currently unclear if the adapter will be sold separately.


Wired Xbox 360 headsets will be compatible with the Xbox One via an adapter, Microsoft has confirmed.

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"We are working to develop an adapter for current wired headsets to connect," said Microsoft's Xbox Support account on Twitter. "More details as we approach launch."

Earlier this week Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One wouldn't ship with a headset in the box, with the company saying that the bundled Kinect hardware features its own microphone.

"Each Xbox One includes the new Kinect sensor," said Microsoft, "with a highly sensitive multi-array microphones designed to enable voice inputs and chat as a system-level capability, both in-game and with Skype and other experiences."

Microsoft's Xbox One comes with a proprietary headset jack, whereas Sony's PlayStation 4 will use a standard microphone jack. The Xbox 360 features a 2.5mm headphone jack, similar to many cell phones.

Microsoft has not said whether the Xbox 360 headset adapter will be included with the Xbox One console or whether it will be made available for sale separately.

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Avatar image for SteamyPotatoes

This should be an non issue from the start, when you buy a music player or a computer, you don't have to worry about these things, consoles should follow suit, universal sockets.

Avatar image for jrcast84

So what comes in the XB1 box? no headset, no adapter for an old headset, do they atleast give you batteries for the controller?

Avatar image for blank3k

This whole headset issue worry's me a lot more than it should.

Not because the headset is sold separately, but Microsoft is clearly saying Kinect is capable of replacing a headset.

From the Kinect demo's ive seen, yes Kinect is impressive, it filters out background noise & picks up the players voice quite well.... well enough for voice commands to be recognised for sure, but the voices sound processed.metallic & lower volume to that of a conventional headset.

I also don't like the idea of your standard CoD screamers coming out over my 5.1 surround sound for everyone in the house / neighbours etc to hear, when its on my headset earpiece I can just ignore it / turn it down.... or obviously mute, but some times I'm busy playing the game to bother finding who it is / muting them.

Surely Microsoft knows this, but the fact they are saying otherwise concerns me that the rest of there sales patter is equally false.

Avatar image for lukey52

Seems every step they take that meets a large consumer backlash is then hastily retracted.

While it might look good on the surface, people need to see that they are simply trying to protect themselves rather than benefit the gamer.

Avatar image for KingTrax999

Microsoft is so worried about squeezing pennies out of it's customers that they are losing the big picture. They should include a cheap headset just so people don't have to spend that on day one. They should include a cheap adapter, same reason. THEN they can offer the nice, better versions for sale. But don't fight your customers over penny Microsoft. It's so unbecoming.

Avatar image for whitexlotus

money money money money......!money.......!♪♫

Avatar image for PixelAddict

Good. Include the adapter and it's one less thing for me to worry about.

Don't include it, and it's one more reason to buy the PS4 before the X1.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

Due to the Xbox One's unpopularity so far, I would say that they will eventually put the adapter in with the console package.

Although it wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to sell it to you first. They will try that option but eventually change it!

Then we can have "Headset Adapter One80," to go along with the Xbox One80!


Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

None of this surprises me.. This generation Microsoft made it's gamers pay for literally every little thing and I was amazed people were willing to purchase the thing. HD cables, batteries for controllers.. xbox live. The list went on and on.

Blocking the use of old headsets, announcing a deal with turtle beach, and then saying "standard headsets will not be included" just screams to me that they're after control of the headset market as well. That's all they were trying to do with the used game issues too, have an always connected console and own the retail of games through digital downloads.

An adaptor is all good, and great news for gamers.. but it's still an unnecessary additional purchase.

Why people continue to support this company in blind faith is beyond me sometimes, it really is. They give about as much care to your gaming concerns as they do your privacy. It's all money money money.

Yes a business needs to make a profit, but they should also care about their customers.

Thank god there's another option....

Avatar image for sephirothsfan02

BhahahahahHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA these articles make my day!!!

Avatar image for TurboGuru

so just like uncle Don said... there's always the 360

Avatar image for Alucard_Prime

Good....if someone wants to use those old ones they can, but from what I read the reason they are not compatible in the first place is because the X1 data ports are different than the 360 and provide higher quality sound....that's the price of moving forward I guess.

Avatar image for HarryDaGeeza

So you still have to purchase a peripheral product to use your previous headset lol M$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Avatar image for giz802

I am disappointed that MS will not include a headset. I think they have done this because they want people to start using the Kinect MIC. However I am not that bothered. Including the mic would have raised the price of a console and I plan getting the xbox one turtle beach headset.

Avatar image for EL_Bomberdor

How much is the adapter? bout £10?

And of course it will be sold separately.

Avatar image for Aria1368

How the **** kinect can do the same thing as the head set ?!

Avatar image for Kristhomas123

All in one device but you can't use your old 360 headset. A M$ fail. One of many

Avatar image for daabulls23

If only everything used USB.

Avatar image for gilldominic

@daabulls23 Since when have any audio devices of repute used USB!?

Avatar image for EL_Bomberdor


Well the "if only" is in the comment so this person might know this, just saying "if only"

Avatar image for gilldominic

@EL_Bomberdor @gilldominic The point I am making is that USB isn't actually necessarily the best method to communicate audio.

Standard audio jacks tend to be better. Many USB based speaker systems tend to have problems with background noise and interference due to using USB.

Avatar image for racerxgundam

it would be crazy fucked up if the adapter was somehow as expensive, or close to it, as a new headset...

but if they sell the adapter cheap its a good move.

is M$ listening to its fans? maybe...drop that bullshit kinect like the dead weight it is

but still..seems like a nice gesture

> wii u

Avatar image for Jasurim

If they aren't going to provide a headset, I highly doubt they'll include an adapter for a 360 headset.

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

@Jasurim Not a chance in hell. It'll be an additional cost.


Avatar image for BelaidKL

Include the adapter in the box then every little thing, is gonna be alright.. But I doubt MS will

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

You'll need to BUY an adapter to use the same crappy headset as last generation? You just don't get it any more do you?

What ever happened to the gaming industry that brought out new accessories because they were awesome and enhanced the gaming experience? I went out and bought a Turtle Beach headset for £50 last gen because yours sucked so badly. If you made your headsets to Turtle Beach standard from the start we would all buy them off of you anyway.

For a money making leviathan you sure don't get that do you? Every accessory you bring out is potentially money in your pocket sure, but every piece of crap you bring out is more money in someone else's pocket.

Avatar image for DiamondDM13

@Dannystaples14 MS has never been a hardware company. It started making the Xbox and the 360 showed right away how inexperienced they are. I'll take any Sony hardware over a MS hardware. And it MS keeps pushing the Win8 sh*t, I'll probably have to choose other company for software aswell...

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

@DiamondDM13 So they get someone else to make a quality headset for them. How about Turtle Beach? The point is if they made hardware we actually wanted to use they would be crushed to death by our money falling on them. It seems they don't care about our money in this case......HAHAHA yeah right.

Avatar image for Kristhomas123

You'll have to buy the adapter seperate. This is M$

Avatar image for thequickshooter

NO i want an adpater to my logitech F540 that works on all both consoles (ps3,xbox 360 and PC)

and make the adpater support every current gen headset so people won't have to shell out another 100-200$ for a new fucking headset

yours truely, a future customer of an X1

Avatar image for berserker66666

While you're at it, why don't you make 360 controller and games also backwards compatible?

Avatar image for kounterfeit

Doesn't really matter what they do the complainers will just find something else to complain about

Avatar image for deactivated-57bac25e99ee3

Knowing Microsoft I think we all know what decision they'll make with regards to using older headsets, not to mention continuing the trend of only allowing official branded headsets to work with the system.

Avatar image for the_big_doggg

Another XboxOne article being plagued by Sony fanbois. Im out of here.

Avatar image for ClintCommander

@the_big_doggg You can't just blame the "Sony fanbois". I know that many exist just to talk down the competition, but there are plenty of Xbox fans that post on this site that are extremely dissatisfied with the way Microsoft is handling the Xbox One.

If this makes someone a "Sony fanboi" then you will be seeing A LOT of them on Xbox One articles.

Avatar image for Yatsukiii

@the_big_doggg Another Xbot that goes along with whatever Microsoft says, even if it's obviously a money gimmick.

Avatar image for shingui5

@the_big_doggg thanks for stopping by!

Avatar image for theend3r

Proprietary jacks are really backwards.

Avatar image for frozenux

Heavy Milker and Dairy Cows.I can see some really sore udders in the future....

Avatar image for Leeromain

my question is....How good can the Kinect mic be, if they still need to sell a separate headset? or am i missing something? If the kinect is that good.....why bother making a headset at all?

Avatar image for Daishi3011

@Leeromain Because some people will prefer any chat separated and coming through a headset, rather than mixed in with the rest of the game audio through your tv's sound system... at least that is why I'd prefer a headset!

Avatar image for Leeromain
@Daishi3011, I agree, that's why i would rather have headset as standard. i can't see how the Kinect could be that usable for online gaming...........oh sorry. i forgot it's for TV use.
Avatar image for shingui5

well, at least they are letting you use your current headsets...just after you buy more stuff from them.

Swings and roundabouts i suppose.

Avatar image for g1rldraco7

Thank goodness, I saved myself money for a game.

Avatar image for zenstrata

Of course the new kinect will have a microphone included. What good would be spying on you with a camera be, if they couldn't get sound as well?

Avatar image for Gen007

would be nice if its free but still better than no adapter at all i mean you cant say its a bad thing. I for one have a $50 headset that i use for my 360 and it would be nice to be able to use it for the X1 as well instead of having to go get another probably more expensive one. W eall know that the official headsets are trash. Hopefully it's included if not then hopefully the price is reasonable.

Avatar image for KillzoneSnake

is this a joke?

Avatar image for CapmJim

So MS is gonna want to sell me an adapter to make my 360 headset work? OH BOY!

Avatar image for tightwad34

If they truly want to compete on an even keel with Sony, then they can at least include the adapter with the console. The least they can do is make them look greedier at this point. I know it's a small step, but they all are important.