Xbox One vs. PS4: You're Not a Real Gamer If You Root for Other Side to Fail, Xbox Exec Says

"We should all applaud when a team does something special. Those who hope for team to fail due to platform aren't real gamers."


Writing on Twitter recently, Xbox head Phil Spencer said one of his most anticipated upcoming games was Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, a game made by a competitor for a competing console. "Just wave the white flag already," someone said in response. Spencer came back with his own tweet--and it's a good one.

Spencer also said he was looking forward to another outside game, Ubisoft's The Division, as well as the Microsoft-published Quantum Break.

This isn't the first time Spencer has spoken up about the "console war" discussion. In fact, he's been rather outspoken on the subject. In September last year, he said he found the console-versus-console feud to be "distasteful."

"The one thing that I probably find a little distasteful in the discourse around games is the divisiveness that people try to build between platforms," he said at the time. "It becomes more about what piece of plastic I own than what games I'm playing. It becomes more about somebody else failing than the things I love succeeding. I don't think that's a good place for our industry."

Spencer's affable nature and willingness to directly praise his competitors has become one of the defining characteristics of his leadership. In the past he has congratulated Sony on the success of its PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, shown support for Nintendo's new CEO, and brokered deals with Oculus.

This, Spencer says, doesn't get in the way of his mission to make Xbox One the best video game platform it can be.

"People sometimes will make fun of me that I mentioned Sony or I mentioned Nintendo," he said. "It's not to placate anybody or make them think I'm some kind of good guy.

"My job isn't really to keep you from buying something else. My job is to make you proud of what we offer, and to give you an enjoyable experience with the product we have. That's 100 percent of what I'm focused on."

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