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Xbox One vs. PS4 debate gets prime time coverage on The Big Bang Theory

Which will Sheldon choose?


During last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory, main character Sheldon was faced with a most pressing decision: Xbox One or PlayStation 4? In the episode--The Indecision Amalgamation--Sheldon debates the merits of each system, and says he can't buy both because he doesn't have enough space in his TV entertainment center.

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We won't spoil his choice, but you can watch the entire episode right now on the CBS website. The Xbox One vs. PS4 segment begins at around 14 minutes.

Microsoft joined in on the fun, tweeting last night: "You know what to do, Sheldon" with an image of the Xbox One attached to the tweet. Sony didn't tweet about the show.

The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS, which owns GameSpot.

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