Xbox One to get 60fps sports broadcasts

New muti-year deal with NeuLion brings 60fps sports at a maximum bitrate of 6Mbps.

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60fps live and on-demand sports programming will be coming to the Xbox One as part of Microsoft's IPTV deal with NeuLion.

NeuLion announced that the ink has dried on a new, multiyear contract with Microsoft, with the intention of bringing live sports content to the latest Xbox console.

NeuLion added that its technology will be able to generate HD video at a bitrate of 6Mbps and at 60 frames per second. Seven different bit rates will be available, with the service able to adapt according to available bandwidth.

Multichannel reports that the early stages of the partnership will provide 24/7 streaming of the NFL Network.

The actual content that will be featured on the Xbox One will ultimately be decided by Microsoft. The Xbox One currently offers ESPN and NFL applications, though users require subscriptions to the respective services in order to access their features.

A launch date for the new application was not specified.

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