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Xbox One Slim Confirmed, Launching in August for $300



[UPDATE] Microsoft officially confirmed the Xbox One S as part of its E3 briefing today. As rumored, the system is 40 percent smaller than the existing model. It also comes with HDR and 4K video support, among other new features.

The system starts at $300 for a 500 GB version, and goes on sale in August. It also comes with a slightly redesigned controller, featuring textured grip, increased wireless range, and Bluetooth support. Check out the overview video below to learn more.

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A 1 TB version will sell for $350, while the 2 TB edition will go for $400. Additionally, the Xbox One vertical stand will sell for $20, while the new controller will go for $60 by itself.

The original story is below.

The leaks keep coming. Following leaks of Recore, Dead Rising 4, and Titanfall 2 information, images of the rumored Xbox One slim console have been posted on Neogaf and twitter.

Neogaf user KawabataSan posted the full image of the console, and user Ekim followed up with a picture of it standing upright. It's apparently called Xbox One S and it looks smaller and more box-y than the original. It also appears to have an infrared blaster on the bottom part for controlling other devices. The right part of the console also appears to be textured. In addition, the power brick is apparently housed within the console.

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In the Neogaf thread, Jason Schreier of Kotaku affirmed that the image is, indeed, the Xbox One S console, codenamed Edmonton.

The image also details the new features coming to slim console. As rumored, it'll be significantly smaller than the launch console--by 40 percent--and it'll have a 2TB hard drive. It'll also support HDR and 4K video, and will come with a vertical stand.

The console originally leaked back in May, alongside rumors that Microsoft is prepping a more powerful Xbox One for release in 2017. The company is also rumored to be designing a new controller for the console, which seems to be the controller shown in the image above.

Keep an eye on GameSpot all this week during E3 2016 for more news about the Xbox One S.

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