Xbox One Scorpio Getting Trade-In Programs From Retailers

Microsoft is calling Scorpio the "most powerful console ever made."


Microsoft is working with retailers to offer trade-in programs for the new, more powerful Project Scorpio. Many retailers, including GameStop, already offer such programs for other systems, allowing you to pick up new hardware for less money when you trade in your older console.

Microsoft's Dave McCarthy said in a new interview that this is to continue for Project Scorpio, though specifics are not being shared at this time.

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"Some of our retail partners today do trade-in programs and that's definitely going to be partnerships we continue to move going forward," he told The Daily Star (via NeoGAF; heads up: many NSFW images are at the link). "We want to make that transition as smooth as possible."

One major difference this time around is that, unlike the transition from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, Project Scorpio will play your Xbox One games and support the controllers. Thus, you might not want to trade those in, which would in turn presumably decrease the value of your trade. It remains to be seen how the trade-in program will work.

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Project Scorpio is due to arrive in holiday 2017, so there is plenty of time for Microsoft and retailers to announce specifics about trade-in programs.

Announced at E3 2016, Project Scorpio feature 8 cores, 320 GB memory bandwidth, and six teraflops of performance that will allow for uncompressed 4K gaming. Microsoft has labeled the system the "most powerful console ever made."

The company has not yet announced a price point for the system. Additionally, it's not the only new console Microsoft is coming out with, as the slimmed-down Xbox One S begins its rollout in August. There may also be a trade-in program for this system as well.

For its part, Sony's more powerful PlayStation 4, Neo, is rumored to launch this year. Additionally, a report claimed Sony was also preparing a slimmed-down PS4 model. Both systems could be announced at the Tokyo Game Show in September or earlier, according to a report.

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