Xbox One's Forza 6 Has 450+ Cars and "Breathtaking Graphics" - Report

E3 is just around the corner.


Ahead of Microsoft's E3 briefing, which takes place one week from today, new screenshots and details for first-party racing game Forza Motorsport 6 have leaked.

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Discovered by IGN, the official Japanese Xbox website posted--and then removed--some information about Forza 6. First up, the game will reportedly have a collection of over 450 cars. The game also pledges to deliver "breathtaking graphics," with three new screenshots posted to the site.

The images show off Forza 6's rain effects and nighttime driving, among other things. See them all at IGN.

What's more, the leak says Forza 6 will offer two-player splitscreen, in addition to 24-player online races and Drivatar support. There are also 26 "world-famous" locations featured in the game, supposedly.

Forza 6 was announced for Xbox One back in January, with almost no information to go on at the time. More news is expected at E3, and Microsoft's briefing on June 15 is a likely venue for a big reveal.

GameSpot will have all the news from Microsoft's E3 briefing next week as it's announced.

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