Xbox One's first sub-$10 game now available

NinjaBee's Nutjitsu available today for $6.49; Microsoft's console was "desperately short on games about ninja squirrels. We had to fix that."


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The Xbox One's first sub-$10 game, NinjaBee's puzzle game Nutjitsu, is now available for download. It sells for $6.49, but it's only available in the United States for now. The game will be released in more regions as soon as NinjaBee can finish localization and rating certification, the company told GameSpot.

Nutjitsu is only the second title ever released through Microsoft's new independent publishing program, ID@Xbox, following Strike Suit Zero last month. In the game, you play as a ninja squirrel who must retrieve stolen relics. There are 15 levels to explore and new gear to unlock.

NinjaBee art director Brent Fox says in a statement that Nutjitsu's budget price and its bite-sized nature fills a content gap that exists right now on Xbox One. "There are some great AAA games on Xbox One, but there isn't as much in the way of bite-sized content or arcade thrills," Fox said. "Xbox One is also desperately short on games about ninja squirrels. We had to fix that."

The PC version of Nutjitsu, currently available through Windows 8, is a free game. So why is the game a paid offering on Xbox One? "We were experimenting with a free-to-play model. We didn't like what it did to game balance and the user experience so much, so we decided to can the F2P approach, and allow users to get ALL the content with the base game purchase," NinjaBee told GameSpot earlier this week.

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