Xbox One records last 5 minutes of gameplay

Microsoft reveals duration for game DVR feature for next-gen console; PlayStation 4 believed to be 7-15 minutes.


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Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox One is capable of recording the last five minutes of gameplay through its new game DVR feature.

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"It's called Project Upload. So the idea is you're always recording," Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lobb told GameSpot at Comic-Con. "So we have a ring buffer game DVR, basically. So the last five minutes of any game you're playing is always being stored locally on your hard drive."

When Microsoft announced the new game DVR feature in May, the company did not say how long the next-generation system would record. By comparison, the PlayStation 4 boasts a similar functionality. Eurogamer reports that Sony's system could allow players to record the last 15 minutes of gameplay, though the final duration may be seven minutes.

Lobb also discussed how the game DVR functionality will work on the Xbox One. He said when playing online, gamers can say "Xbox Record," and the system will automatically record the last 30 seconds of gameplay. Players can then edit their video and spruce it up with voice-over and even picture-in-picture through the Kinect. Videos can then be shared through social networks.

The Xbox One and PS4 launch this holiday. Initial shortages are expected.

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