Xbox One, PS4, PC non-fantasy RPG Kingdom Come closes with $1.8 million

Kickstarter funding milestone means the game will now feature dogs and dog-related quests.

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The Kickstarter campaign for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the fantasy-free role-playing game from Mafia designer Daniel Vavra and Warhorse Studios, concluded today with £1,106,371 ($1.8 million). That's well above its original £300,000 ($499,000) funding target.

Because funding reached £1,000,000, dogs and various dog-related quests will be featured in the game. That's not a joke. Kingdom Come: Deliverance was also recently approved for release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, alongside the PC. While Vavra and his colleagues are probably popping champagne bottles at the moment, they weren't always so optimistic.

"A month ago, we were all pretty nervous. After almost two years of struggle, we faced a do-or-die situation," Vavra said in a Kickstarter update. "There was no other chance to get financing for our game than doing a crowdfunding campaign. No publisher was willing to risk their money on a weird, historical game for a 'niche' audience. No investor was going to step in without proof that their investment was going to pay off."

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance reaching its funding target proves the publishers wrong, Vavra said. They said the market for a magic-less medieval RPG is too niche, but they were wrong, Vavra argues.

"Not only do people not need fantasy or magic or dragons to enjoy a game, they desperately want games without them," he said.

The Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kickstarter now sits among the 30 most-funded Kickstarter projects--of any kind--in history and in the top 15 video game projects. The final funding tally of £1,106,371 came from 35,384 backers, who contributed an average of $52 each.

Warhorse Studios will continue to accept donations via its website.

"So, what’s next? Now we have to make the game! We feel a lot of responsibility and obligation to deliver on our vision after so many people put so much of their trust into our project. It’s going to be hard to satisfy all those expectations, but we will do all we can not to disappoint you," Vavra said.

To do that, Warhorse Studios will increase its headcount to around 50 people. New hires include some staffers affected by the recent reorganization at Mafia studio 2K Czech, Vavra said.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance launches in alpha in about six months to those who backed the game with £25 or more. A beta for the game is expected in mid-2013, while the full version of Act 1 is scheduled to arrive sometime later.

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Dogs are the icing on the cake, they make everything better


Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

I'm sorry, I laughed at the authentic combat, when the guy gets stabbed in the chest and makes a noise like he stubbed his toe.

All in all I don't get on well with first person melee combat, usually just look at me swinging a stick or something from left to right until you die, I'll admit this looks more interesting, but I'll wait and see...

Avatar image for at129907

A beta is expected in mid-2013? What year is that really supposed to be 2014 or 2015?

Avatar image for davegame0

<< LINK REMOVED >> it should say mid-2015. The alpha is in about 6 months

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OHHHHH HOLY CRAP! What an AMAZING story on the video. I can't wait to see how I could play it. :)

Avatar image for thecatsix

Definitely looking forward to when this comes out.

Avatar image for luert

the thing isn't about wether a game has magic or not, but it's actually about gameplay and story/plot, fighting and riddles, let's consider even very old games, freelancer I really like still and play, I also like kingdom hearts 1 and 2, and FF 8 and 9( these are some of the old ones I like still) these are quite old games but still pretty good on my idea, the reason is because they have either really nice story or

a nice gameplay, that's what is lacking for the most these days (=.

Avatar image for jollysec

I hope the combat is good, because that will be the main reason why I'll be playing it!

Avatar image for larkin-54

<< LINK REMOVED >> to be fair in games like this and skyrim good combat, while a plus, isnt really the point

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

At first I thought it sounded intriguing and I was like "Oh this could be fresh and interesting".

Now I'm wondering how on earth they could make it interesting...

Avatar image for TheClown24

<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't agree, you don't have to add in dragons and/or guns to make a game interesting, while these elements can help obviously by giving developers more freedom to create unique mechanics, that doesn't mean that gigantic, beautiful story driven world with an interesting combat system will be held back due to the fact that it's grounded in reality. Yes, it does give the developers a little bit less chance to introduce new elements in certain aspects of the game but the very concept of the game has never been done before (with the half exception of Mount & Blade).

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I'll just repeat what I said again.

Game yes.

RPG no.

Avatar image for ronnet

<< LINK REMOVED >> Why would you think that? There are plenty of books, movies and games that are interesting without having fantasy or sci-fi elements. For me a fictional story told in an historical correct context can be very riveting. If the mix of fiction and non-fiction is right then the story can be very believable making me care much more for what it going on.

Naturally these guys have the proof themselves as storytellers. It could indeed turn out very lackluster. But that can be the case with a fantasy or sci-fi story as well. What is important to me is that this is a fresh breeze among all the fantasy RPGs I've played the last decade. The only other exception I've played is Mount & Blade. And I always wished for an RPG that was more 'zoomed in' and not just about big battles but about medieval life whch could then enhance the enjoyment from engaging in such battles.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

@ronnet A "game"? Absolutely.

An "RPG"? I'll believe it when I see it.

Larkin up there is just being intentionally obtuse as a defence mechanism because I don't like the idea of something he likes the idea of.

Avatar image for rebelde01

<< LINK REMOVED >> The idea of playing any role you want from a petty thief to a hunter to a general on the battlefield, in a dynamic and authentic medieval world that you can change with your actions sounds great to me. Then again I grew up doing school field trips to medieval castles and palaces looking at magnificent paintings and art pieces from the renaissance, etc. I also love history and not just the big events but how people used to live when a lot of things were different. It's probably not for everyone but the premise sounds good.

Avatar image for larkin-54

<< LINK REMOVED >> yeah because human history is mostly boring before guns right?

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

@larkin-54 As an rpg video game? Yeah it totally is. Before and after guns.

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Avatar image for Poison-tooth

The trailer is impressive. Stay tune.

Avatar image for Revenant_K

I wish it could also be played in third person view.

Avatar image for larkin-54

<< LINK REMOVED >> that would ruin immersion

Avatar image for benelori


No it wouldn't

Avatar image for Adenosine

Whenever I play rpgs, I choose the warrior class or something that doesn't use magic. I'm just not the magic using type of gamer. If I wanted lots of colorful blasts and things like that, I'd go for a Dragonball game lol!

Avatar image for lee1823

<< LINK REMOVED >> i'm exactly the same! ha! I don't know what it is but the magic element just seems to complicate things and get in the way! all I wanna do is smash a peasant in the face with my greatsword! ahem. yeh... I agree.

Avatar image for kazhooulte

I for one am interested in this type of game. Don't publishers know how popular Game of Thrones is? that is not entirely a magic based show. I also like stuff like Reign and Camelot.

Avatar image for isshiah

They deserve it. I can't wait to see their final product.

Avatar image for Slagar

Here's hoping they succeed in realising their vision. To be honest, this looks like it could provide the kind of game experience I've been wanting The Elder Scrolls to deliver since Morrowind.

Avatar image for larkin-54

<< LINK REMOVED >> Ahh.. morrowind probably the most amazing game ive ever played

Avatar image for xeoneex66

This is what Mount n Blade wishes it could be/look like. This is so what I was hoping for after playing Mount n Blade.

Avatar image for ERRMAHGERD

al<< LINK REMOVED >> always dreamed there'd be an MB game with this graphic quality & immersion... Guess someone was listening

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> They are making a brand new M&B, by the way. Between that and this, I'm more than happy.

Avatar image for xeoneex66

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Indeed. And the way I see it, this may actually be a bit better in some ways. The dog :O

Avatar image for gamerboy100

Apparently, they are making this game on a budget of only $5 million. That's a lot less than any other AAA title I have heard of, which makes me wonder why there is such a drastic difference.

Avatar image for longestsprout

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's divided into 3 parts?

Avatar image for gamerboy100

<< LINK REMOVED >> Assuming it'll be approximately the same budget for each part, that's still a lot less than many other AAA titles.

Avatar image for pimpofdoom

First Arma now this? The Czech Republic is quickly becoming my favorite country in Europe for game development.

Avatar image for MrMilkmann

From the trailer the combat looks a little too slow, hopefully it will be slightly faster than what it looks to be.

Avatar image for NosadaAssasin

<< LINK REMOVED >> Well sometimes slow is realistic, and realistic is what they're going for here. This clearly isn't Assassin's Creed.

Avatar image for MrMilkmann

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I'm fine with realistic, but there has to be some balance between realism and fun, and slow combat isn't fun. Don't get me wrong, fast combat isn't very fun either because sometimes it's over too quickly. And are you saying Assassin's Creed combat is fast?

Avatar image for JJMikhail

Notice how that as you carried on watching the trailer you never wanted it to end?

Avatar image for deactivated-5a3920d6b9003

Would have expected more from the kickstarter campaign. There are less promising games which got a lot more money from backers.

Maybe they shouldnt have announced their game for xbone, like I said. Many backers feared this game might get dumbed down for the casual audience because of this.

Avatar image for GSyyme3x12yyGS

Happy for this game and happy to see we are going back to hardcore gaming and great Indie support also

Avatar image for Vortigrom

Developers like Warhorse have restored my faith in the future of games. Established publisher doesn't won't go anywhere near the game? **** them. A month later, they have well over $1M in contributions with more to come, and they are well on their way to making a game that is by all accounts revolutionary. It really makes me believe that I will once again be able to enjoy games that aren't being developed for the lowest common denominator.

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

It would be cool if they included a side option of buying a house/land and being able to farm (a bit like harvest moon only it's more realistic and you have to protect your livestock from brigands).

Avatar image for demondogx

@The-Neon-Seal Its what i hoped for in heartfire, but sadly that just wasent exactly it
I'm hopeing Kenshi can give that experience but that one is sadly still very early in alpha and has a lot of problems to still fix

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

<< LINK REMOVED >> I liked Hearthfire, even though you were done once you'd built your house.

Avatar image for kagento

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Horse armor! :D

Avatar image for suppaphly42

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>just me but hearthfire was one of the most pointless dlcs i've ever bought.