Xbox One/PS4/PC game Evolve gets a cool interactive gameplay trailer

2K Games launches new trailer that lets you switch between six different channels to see how an entire Evolve match plays out.


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2K Games today released a pretty neat interactive gameplay trailer for its upcoming 4v1 Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC multiplayer shooter Evolve. The trailer lets you switch between six different channels to see how an entire Evolve match plays out.

Your viewing options are: Griffin the Trapper, Markov the Assault, Hank the Support, Val the Medic, or the Goliath monster. You can also watch a sixth channel, which combines all five perspectives and features commentary from the game's developers. We have embedded one of the trailers above, but you'll need to visit the game's YouTube channel to see all six perspectives.

Developed by Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock Studios, Evolve is powered by the CryEngine. It is a team-based game that has four players competing as hunters against a fifth player, the monster. The hunters view the game from a first-person perspective, while the monster sees the world in third-person. Turtle Rock Studios said this setup represents the "evolution of multiplayer."

You can find out for yourself when Evolve launches later this year. 2K Games parent company Take-Two Interactive acquired Evolve from THQ for $10.8 million during its bankruptcy auction last year.

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looks good but thats the game just MP mode no story single play mode so really people will get bored of the game in couple months so i pass on this and pass any MP becuase not my thing. And done by 2k games and servers of this game go down next couple years.

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Cool story.... All games get boring after while

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Especially single player games. No matter how good it is they lack replayability. There are exceptions to the rule. Lately that exception is Metal Gear Solid V: GZ

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Then all single player games should be free to play with your retarded logic.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't know. There are still a ton of people playing L4D2 on PC. Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about lol.

Avatar image for the_real_VIP

When did they ever said there was no singleplayer? It's a co-op multiplayer the same way as Left 4 Dead (hence the same creators). It can be all players or mix of players and AI with offline mode to play with AI. You guys have huge issues getting informed. The details of this game have been available since Game Informer's month-length coverage.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> he said story single player just because something is single player doesn't mean it tells a story its just the same mindless shooting the multi player has it doesn't have a story line with cut scenes that actually tell a story have interesting characters that you feel "connected" to and maybe if the story is good enough it could even make you emotional maybe even cry the last of us and uncharted series are good examples of games with amazing story lines and story telling however this game looks awesome and i am still buying it i like many types of games whether they have a story line or not

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Just like Titanfall

Avatar image for playstationzone

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> all mp games should be free to play

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<< LINK REMOVED >> While there IS a single player mode, if it were free to play then you'd have people complaining about how they hate free to play and that they like their games to have everything in it and no microtransactions. I don't think that just because there's no campaign that it should meant the developers aren't deserving of a single penny.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> or at the very least, $9.99 xbox live/ playstation network/ steam games

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And that's the *whole* game? Sounds like a tacked on MP mode to a normal FPS to me.

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It's just one mode. Left 4 Dead lasted a long time, I think they know how to keep people coming back.

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That had me hooked... And just to think that's only a snippet from the game!!! Lots to look forward to this year!

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No Xbox 360 port, that's too bad

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<< LINK REMOVED >> that's good. Hopefully more developers will abandon these heavily outdated systems that hold back whole gaming industry.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Techmology doesnt work like that, but i understand your confusion.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Amen to that

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Cool man!

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