Xbox One, PS4, and PC golf sim features procedurally generated courses, minimal load times

HB Studios' The Golf Club launching this spring for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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Golf fans were dealt a blow last year when it was revealed that EA's PGA Tour series would skip a release in 2014, but as it turns out, there will be a new golf game this year. HB Studios, a Canadian independent developer behind various EA Sports titles, has announced The Golf Club, a new "next-gen" golf game due out this spring for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Perhaps most notably, The Golf Club aims to deliver a fully featured golf experience with negligible load times. You won't wait through any load times whatsoever between holes, while switching courses will require only a "minimal" load time.

"Sitting watching a loading bar for minutes as you wait for a game to load and half a minute between holes can be miserable," HB Studios said. "Rapid access is behind every design decision made on this game."

Another notable feature for The Golf Club is its procedurally generated golf courses. Instead of offering virtual depictions of real-world courses (which would involve licensing), HB Studios has created a system through which an "infinite" number of courses can be available to players.

You can read more about The Golf Club's procedural generation algorithm at the game's website.

The Golf Club's list of features also includes multiplayer online play, tours and tournaments, a course editor, and a control system described as "intuitive." A closed beta for The Golf Club will launch "in the coming weeks," while an open beta period will follow.

Also of note, HB Studios made no mention of an arrangement with the PGA Tour whatsoever for The Golf Club, so don't expect to see familiar faces like Tiger Woods (who EA dropped as its star athlete last year) or Bubba Watson in the game.

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