Xbox One Power Supply Units Now Available to Buy

You can get a new one for as little as $35 if it's not covered under your warranty.


Up until recently, there was no way to buy an additional Xbox One power supply, which was kind of a bummer if you needed one. But now, Microsoft has added that very option to the Xbox Support site.

Simply head to the Xbox Support site, select "Replace an Accessory," and then choose Power Supply. From there, you can either choose to return a non-functioning power supply to Microsoft and get a new one for $35, or you can buy a new one outright for $50.

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A replacement power supply is not covered under the standard Xbox One warranty. Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb confirmed the news on Reddit (via Microsoft-News).

In other Xbox One news, the console is "gaining momentum" in the United States. In August, the console was outsold again by the PlayStation 4, but sales grew 26 percent compared to last year.

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