Xbox One Outsells PS4 in the US for Third Month in a Row

Forza Horizon 3 was the top first-party game during the month.


Xbox One was the best-selling console in the United States during September, Microsoft announced today, citing data from the NPD Group. It was also the top seller in the UK, per GfK Entertainment UK.

This marks the third month in a row that Xbox One has been the best-selling console in the US, breaking a long streak of the PS4 coming out on top that dated back to late last year. This began in July and continued into August, when the Xbox One S debuted.

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That it came out on top in September is perhaps a surprise because Sony launched the new, slim version of the PS4 for $300. However, the announcement of the more powerful, $400 PS4 Pro in September may have depressed sales of the console as people wait for the new version to launch in November.

Microsoft also claimed that Xbox One was the only current-gen console to sell more this September than in September 2015 in regions like the US, UK, and Australia. Furthermore, Forza Horizon 3 was the best-selling first-party game, which was to be expected considering there were no other major launches from Sony or Nintendo for it to compete with. That qualification is mentioned by Microsoft likely because NBA 2K17, at the very least, outsold it.

The NPD Group's report will be released to the public next week.

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Sony really dropped the ball for the second half of this year. Complacency? They may have a few things in their favor in Nov and December but Last Guardian will have to be mindblowing. Just what is up with Polyphony and Gran Tursimo.. all racer fans should be fully converted to Forza by now, these disappointing delays are not something you can get used to.

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Xbox has been killing it recently. Awesome new features, great line up for exclusives this Christmas, 4K UHD & HDR in the Xbox One S, Scorpio on the horizon, great Deals with Gold and Games with Gold each month. This is no where near the same Xbox that was in 2013, not even close. In Phil we trust!

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I wonder how this isn't more then just 3 months. Xbox does now have way better exclusives then ps4.

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Sniff-sniff, I smell another Sony Pony, Xbot pissing contest...

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MS, kicking ass and taking names. I never doubted the success of XO, I pre-ordered from the MS Store because I actually understood (been on Steam since day 1) that digital downloads are superior to disc and I'd been connected online 24/7 since 1997.

Advantage MS = Obvious.

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Three months in a row of these stories have made some sony fanboys here extremely butt-hurt. They are getting really tilted in the comment section.

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It's good to see both doing well, hopefully this will drive Sony to push more on the 1st party front. They have had a lull since uncharted 4.

In interested in VR based on what I've seen so far.

Hopefully this will wake them up a little.

The Pro shows little gain for me personally, but people looking to get one will want something to play on it

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People still don't realize that the USA market is bigger than the European market COMBINED! And is the largest console market.

How do you think the 360 was able to maintain second place while the PS3 was selling better in countries outside the USA? If you can dominate in the USA then you really don't have to worry about sales in countries outside the USA.

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I will never get a X1 for the simple reason that I refuse to pay annual online fee twice. This is just stupid.

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@nurnberg: Or maybe you're just stupid? ... I've only ever needed to pay once a year and everyone in my household can be apart of that Gold too.

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@nurnberg: huh?

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now sales matter? i want them to go back to telling me the hours of GoW played etc.....

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@Mr_Mark_Legion: I don't think so. Sure they are bragging a bit, but seeing how we still don't have a real number from there. I think this type of article is for news media... I think Microsoft isn't going to thump their collective chests too much because they know they are in a period where people are waiting on the more powerful PS4 Pro. And I am sure they are aware of the very real possibility they could be lapped when the PS4 Pro numbers are compared. I am happy for them. Competition is good. And I like Microsoft playing the underdog -- we have benefited greatly from that :)

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It's a nicer looking console but ps4 has the exclusives I like. The last guardian coming up...god of war....horizon zero the ps4 pro? I still can't buy this system for some reason I just refuse to pay 2 online fees for 2 consoles when I'm just 1 person lol. But I'm not gonna lie I miss the hell out of gears

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@deadlyshadow698: You mean XO has the exclusives! The REAL Horizon, Forza Horizon 3. Not horizon zero dawn name stealing piece of crap. I only pay one online fee for 3 platforms from MS. 360/XO/PC

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@deadlyshadow698: get a friend with gold to sign in on the xbox and make it home account, youll have gold and share all their games without having to sign them in

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Kudos to Microsoft for all their hard work! These guys have been busting ass trying to make the console what it is today and hard work is always respected in my book, no matter what platform you play on.

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What the X1 is now is what it should have been 3 years ago and that, my fellow gamers, is where we give Phil MAJOR props. IF Matrick was still in charge, the Xbox brand could be on life support. Thankfully us gamers have Phil as competition is king. Xbox wouldn't be where it is w/o that Sony competition. Sony did everything right in early 2013 until September 2016. Sony doesn't have a Phil Spencer and they're going to need one going forward.

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@e3man01: Wasn't Matrick's fault the idiots were clueless about DRM. Nothing has changed except for the clueless getting educated.

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@e3man01: the thing is Sony didn't do anything's that Microsoft did everything wrong

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@buginthesystem: amen....that Kinect fiasco was mind-boggling

Avatar image for simplytheebest

@Daelusca: I use Kinect every day, but I'm not a gullible sonyplug.

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@simplytheebest: Not sure I get the Sony part here as the only game this gen I have played on my PS is Uncharted; everything else I do is on my X1. I too, use Kinect everyday and I wouldn't want my X to not have it as an option...but to mandate that all gamers pay $100 more to buy it, whether they ever use it or not, was a disastrous business decision with predictable results. The vasy majority of gamers do not have excessive discretionary income, so $100 was an insurmountable obstacle....PS didn't outsell X1 by 2:1 because of their ain;t rocket science.

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@Daelusca: I said "I'm not a gullible sonyplug". What's so complicated about that? I'm not worried about peasants who can't afford it, they have nintendo. MS doesn't release their internal sales figures so keep guessing with that 2:1 crap. Some fools wanted to play knack at launch, gamers wanted Forza. Sometimes fools outnumber gamers.

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Its about right with time. Last gen it took PS3 anywhere from 4-6yrs to start catching up to 360. We are going on our 3rd yr in this gen. I'm sure by the end of the generation these 2 console makers will be neck and neck just like last time..

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Ps4 still outsold the xbox in the rest of the world xbox is so far behind there is no way they can catch up and when the ps4 pro is released they will get crushed.

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@yukushi: I call that moral victory for MS. I mean is nice for them to have sales going up. Gamers win, but MS is no where wining this console war when PS4 is killing the XB1 in the rest of the world.

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@yukushi: have any evidence to back up that statement?

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@yukushi: You can keep telling yourself that and if it makes you feel good then all power to you. But bragging that PS4 is in so many more countries and outselling Xbox One is like being happy you won a soccer game when your team had 11 players and the opposing team had 6. SMH...

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Its called aggressive marketing. When you practically give away loaded consoles its bound to happen. Now let's wait for how many hours played lol

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@VENOM6979: Well, that and it's also a very good deal. You're essentially getting a 4k bluray player with the option to play games as a "free" bonus.

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Told you.

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Assuming production numbers are high enough, the PSVR bundles should tip this in Sony's favor for a couple months. It's going to be a rough first ~6-9mo of 2017 for both vendors, though.

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I hope this will get some more game developers to make for the console. I know it'll be hard since it's losing in Japan, though. (Safe to say Sony is still losing in Japan though; the 3DS owns everyone's soul over there). Freaking 3DS games.

I know the only 2 games that I waned for the Xbox One are available via the Anniversary edition of Windows 10 so yeah...I have no reason to purchase the console at all.

My guessing is a lot of the purchasers were Xbox360 owners that just hadn't upgraded and the general tech-lovers who will buy them all with a sprinkling of new purchasers in the mix.

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I think Americans have listened well to Donald Trump's rhetoric - "America first !! Make America Great Again !!. So American gamers have done just that by buying the X1 in droves with it being American and all that. PS4 is Japanese and the 'foreigner' taking away the sales. From now on, this news shouldn't be surprising. Americans will only buy one of their own no matter how retarded or average the product is. Just kidding lol... I own an X1 and PS4 but I play the X1 more often, thanks to Forza 6, Horizon 3, & GOW4. PS4 is an amazing system as well but after UC4, I don't have any other exclusives that I enjoy on that platform. I am a PC gamer first & foremost and use my rig for multiplats. This is great for Microsoft and their Xbox division, who continue to improve on their service and products. Sony need to do something drastic to claw themselves back from here on.

Avatar image for howthegodzkill

@starjay009: talk about rhetoric...

Avatar image for bicepsul


" I own an X1 and PS4 but I play the X1 more often, thanks to Forza 6, Horizon 3, & GOW4" -two of those games literally just launched what you been playing till now on xbox?

"PC gamer first and foremost".. plays horizon and gears of war on console.. To me you sound like a fanboy trying to hide your ms obsession.

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@starjay009: The PS4 is made using American/Korean hardware and is manufactured in China, it's about as Japanese as I am.

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@pspearman: I meant.. the parent HQ of Sony which is in Japan. Of course, even the X1 is assembled in Mexico, with parts coming from Taiwan and China. But the parent HQ is in the USA.

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Well deserved, Sony has been tripping over themselves for a while now. Interesting to see where this goes when the PS4Pro is out though.

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Well I mean, the slim model was just released, and Forza + Gears were released. Not really surprising news. I'm sure the PS4 will outsell it when their next model releases, and when they have some flagship titles release. It's just kind of common sense, but I suppose people still need to fight the console wars. I'll just be over here being a prod member of the PC + tri-console master race.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

@Sintacs: The PS4 slim just released too though, but you may be right when the PS4 Pro comes out.

Avatar image for RicanV

More than likely a result of people waiting/saving for the PS Pro.

Avatar image for howthegodzkill

@RicanV: Exactly.

Avatar image for skiggy34

@howthegodzkill: idk, you can walk into ANY game store and still reserve one. They are not at all sold out..

Avatar image for Messenger360p

Click bait alert, here come to PS owners ...

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Guessing everyone already has a PS so might as well have both and play anything that comes out. Everyone wins.

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@Triton yeah,Sony can stop producing consoles as everyone who wanted one,has one