Xbox One Now Supports Mouse And Keyboard For Select Titles, Like Fortnite And Warframe

Only a few games support mouse and keyboard for now.

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Now Playing: Xbox One November Update Adds Mouse And Keyboard Support, Alexa And Cortana Improvements, And More - GS News Update

The November 2018 Xbox One update is officially live, and it adds mouse and keyboard support to certain games on the console. The choice of whether a game on Xbox One supports mouse and keyboard controls will be up to individual developers, and nearly a dozen are planning to add the feature to their games in the near future.

Microsoft has announced in a blog post that Fortnite and Warframe now support mouse and keyboard controls. Gaijin Entertainment's War Thunder supports the new control scheme as well. Support is expected to launch for Bomber Crew, Deep Rock Galactic, Strange Brigade, Vermintide 2, and X-Morph Defense later this month. Children of Morta, DayZ, Minion Master, Moonlighter, Vigor, Warface, and Wargroove are scheduled to be updated with mouse and keyboard controls at a later date.

The new update also opens the Alexa Beta program--which allows you control your Xbox One with your voice--to the UK. Improvements have been made to the Cortana feature on US Xbox One's as well, and new commands for both Alexa and Cortana that allow you to completely navigate through your console's menus with your voice have been implemented across the US and UK. The update also adds the Amazon Music app to Xbox One consoles, as well as an expanded search function for finding games.

Last week, Microsoft revealed a selection of Designed for Xbox mice and keyboard peripherals, created in partnership with Razer. The new tech will be shown off at CES in January 2019. Microsoft says these are going to be "created for living room or desktop scenarios, come equipped with a dedicated Xbox key, and support the new Xbox Dynamic Lighting feature enabling immersive in-game lighting effects."

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Avatar image for firedrakez

No need to worry guys. I don't think they will mix k/m and gamepads on fps

Microsoft also offers some guidance on the impact mouse and keyboard support might have for competitive multiplayer titles. It notes that it's entirely up to developers on how they want to utilize mouse and keyboard support, emphasizing that the presence of mouse and keyboard can be detected, meaning a developer could potentially lock players to specific playlists based on their inputs to preserve balance.

Microsoft encourages developers to monitor how mouse and keyboard players compete against gamepad players and make adjustments where necessary, while "highly suggesting" that use of mouse and keyboard should be used in separate matchmaking rules

The presentation notes that support for all USB mice supported by Windows would be available on Xbox, including mice with wireless dongles. Mice with custom drivers or Bluetooth reliance would remain incompatible, however. The presentation also discussed unauthorized peripherals which emulate controller behavior. In response, Microsoft is introducing a new API developers can leverage to detect (and potentially block) mouse and keyboard accessories that mimic controller inputs unfairly.

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M$, this is very disappointing

Avatar image for Shin_Gallon

Add mouse/keyboard support to the Master Chief Collection and I'll finally have a reason to want an Xbone.

Avatar image for darkelf83

@Shin_Gallon: I'd rather they make all of the Halo's available on PC. Then I'd have a reason to play through them.

Avatar image for Shin_Gallon

@darkelf83: That would be ideal, I'd much rather that but I don't hold out any hope for it. But the Master Chief Collection on PC would be great because PC was how I originally experienced Halo 1 and 2, and had to fumble through 3 with it's gamepad controls.

Avatar image for mattcake

Totally screwing over anyone who treats their console like a console, and not like a sit-up-straight PC. Bad move for equality unless you offer a "controller only" option in games, mouse users will have you beat 9 times outta 10 otherwise.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@mattcake: But it is a sit up straight PC, and has been for years. Choose to use a patently inferior control scheme and you get what you deserve. It would be like choosing to play a Nintendo Switch game using half a joycon. Sure it supports it, but no one serious about their games would choose to do so.

I don't see anyone clamoring for "single joycons only" modes. You know, for "equality"

Avatar image for bababooey12

@Thanatos2k: lol its not a sit up PC, its a console. I don't sit like a couple feet away from my Tv, using a mouse and keyboard. The only thing similar is that both have gpu and other similar electronic components. I believe a lot of things do though right, tvs, cars etc does that make them a PC nope, right a fork's a fork and a spoon is a spoon lets call them for what they are. I also believe that like myself, most don't see it as a patently inferior control scheme, as a console was designed to be played with a controller that's what in part separates it from a PC(keyboard and mouse). Luckily, Fortnite has already taken the steps and said that those using keyboards and mice will be put into PC matchmaking, therefore separated and with that said I say fine than allow the keyboards and mice functionality for the PC babies, it will make them happy as long as it doesn't interfere with us.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@bababooey12: It has been a sit up PC ever since they switched to x86 architecture.

Also, they invented wireless mice and keyboards before they invented wireless controllers. I assume you don't sit a couple feet away from the TV with your controller plugged in.

The "babies" are the ones that need to be sheltered due to clinging to poor controls. They cry that they can't compete with the proper controls, so they need to hide in a bubble of safety. That they expect to be catered to at all is baffling.

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Not that I really stood a chance before, but this pretty much ensures my role as frag fodder.

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I assumed that the XBone supported keyboard & mouse from launch.

Avatar image for spectrexr1

Do people really use keyboard and mouse on they console ??

Avatar image for Pupchu

@spectrexr1: Many actually do... Switch, DualShock4 and the X1 controller cannot compete with the aim & response time a mouse allows. In addition, you can map shortcut actions to the keyboard. There are benefits.

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@Pupchu: The mouse is also very accurate, it is not that easy with an controller. I do welcome it as some games do really need an mouse and KB depending on the complexity of the game.

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@Pupchu: oh yeah I know m & k detroys controller in everything . I know they limit the games which u can use it and separate the player base but wouldn't that defet the purpose . I know most console dudes don't use mouse and if it was a game like gears tatics used it they wouldn't do mp with those people so mouse player base would be so small. Kinda defet the purpose right