Xbox One not coming to delayed regions until late next year - Report

"Trusted sources" say Microsoft not planning to launch new system in Nordics until the third quarter of 2014; company provides "no comment" on the report.

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The Xbox One won't launch in four of its eight delayed regions until the third quarter of 2014, "trusted sources" have told European games site Game Reactor. Lending credence to the report is the fact that the site was the first to break the news of the original delay in August.

Microsoft's new console was originally pegged to launch in 21 countries around the world on November 22, but its release in Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark was pushed back because that date was an "aggressive goal," the company said.

Game Reactor says the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) are all affected, while it is not clear what this may mean for the other four regions or Japan.

"On Nov. 22, we launched Xbox One in 13 markets worldwide and our focus is on launching in more markets next year. Other than that, we have no further comment," a Microsoft representative told GameSpot today.

If the Xbox One is in fact not released in the Nordic regions until the third quarter of 2014, it will mean gamers in these markets will have had to wait as many as ten months after the system's original November 2013 debut to get a hold of the console.

Of course, gamers are free to import Xbox One units in the regions where the console is not publicly available--the systems and games are both region free. However, with Sony's PlayStation 4 already available in the markets where the Xbox One is not, Microsoft will face a challenge from the onset for marketshare.

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