Xbox One "Needs to do Better" in Europe, Microsoft Says in Wake of PS4 Sales Report

"Sony does a really good job in those markets, and they have a long history--long before we were in this business."


Following a recent report that detailed the PlayStation 4's dominance of the European market, Microsoft's Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken out to say the company must improve Xbox One sales in the region.

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"We need to do better in Europe," Spencer said in the latest issue of Edge, as reported by Videogamer. "When I look globally, mainland Europe is definitely an area we want to focus on."

According to Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan, the PS4 is currently enjoying a 70-90 percent marketshare in Europe. PlayStation consoles have historically sold better than Xbox in Europe, a trend that Spencer acknowledged in the interview.

"Sony does a really good job in those markets, and they have a long history--long before we were in this business--and they've earned the success that they get in those regions," he explained. "I watch what they do because they do a lot of good things, and I want to make sure that we're being smart about succeeding."

Regarding the global competition between Xbox One and PS4, Spencer said his company's console platform "does really well" in Latin America, while US numbers "keep going back and forth." Although the Xbox One outsold the PS4 in the US in April, the PS4 reclaimed the top spot in May, and remains the cumulative sales leader in the US.

"It's good competition, which I think is good for everybody," Spencer said.

Compelling content sells hardware, and Spencer says he's pleased with the Xbox One's lineup.

"Content-wise, though, I'm excited about this Forza, I'm excited about Tomb Raider, I'm excited about the new Rare game, Sea Of Thieves," he explained. "And I think we can do more artful games that I have found resonate more. That's definitely a focus for us."

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