Xbox One mod lets you use PS4 controller

New mod enables cross-platform peripheral support, including Wii controllers and keyboard and mouse; could void your warranty.


The Xbox One is designed for use with its new and improved controller, but that's not the only input you can use with Microsoft's latest console. A new Xbox One mod called "CronusMax" from the Team Xecuter collective enables wide-ranging cross-platform peripheral support.

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The mod allows you to use your old Xbox 360 controller, or a DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 with the Xbox One. What's more, Wii Remote and Wii U Pro Controllers are supported, as is keyboard and mouse.

The video below provides a live demonstration of the "CronusMax." In the video, the presenter demonstrates how he is able to use the various unofficial controllers with the Xbox One.

It is possible that modding your Xbox One to support non-Xbox One controllers will void your system warranty. It is similarly plausible that Microsoft could eliminate this functionality through a patch. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment.

Microsoft previously said that support for keyboard and mouse controls on Xbox One is "certainly possible."

Modders have jumped all over the Xbox One. Just days after its release on November 22, users were able to create a DIY headset adapter that allows you to use third-party headsets. Later, modders reported that replacing the Xbox One's 500GB hard drive is not only possible, but doing so will increase speeds overall.

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