Xbox One May Get Full Keyboard and Mouse Support

Keyboard and mouse support "would need to be there" if PC-to-Xbox One streaming is to happen, Phil Spencer says.


Back in February, an Xbox One update introduced support for USB keyboards. Now, Microsoft says the console may one day add support for computer mouses.

That's according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who said to a fan on Twitter that if PC-to-Xbox One streaming is ever going to happen, full keyboard and mouse support "would need to be there."

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But don't expect this functionality to arrive anytime soon. Spencer clarified that Microsoft's focus at the moment is Xbox One-to-PC streaming through Windows 10. "I like the idea of Windows 10-to-Xbox One streaming, but don't have a plan yet," he explained in a follow-up tweet.

A month before the Xbox One even launched in 2013, Microsoft was talking about bringing keyboard and mouse support to Xbox One. Then back in January of this year, Spencer said PC-to-Xbox One streaming is something that Microsoft was "really looking at." He explained at the time that this feature is part of Microsoft's grand "vision" for Xbox games overall, following the news that Xbox One-to-PC streaming was in the works.

Everyone in the Windows 10 testing program can stream their Xbox One games to PC right now, ahead of this feature's public rollout with the new operating system next week.

Also on Twitter today, Spencer confirmed that Microsoft remains "on track" to deliver a new update for Xbox One that brings Windows 10 integration to the console. "You'll hear more about the dates soon," he teased.

Microsoft said previously that Windows 10 integration for Xbox One would be coming sometime "post-summer," with Xbox One Preview members getting to try it first.

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