Xbox One: March's Game Pass Titles Include A Triple-A Game From Three Months Ago

Rico got here fast.

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Microsoft has announced another handful of games coming to Xbox Game Pass throughout the first half of March. You can prepare for spring by hoarding up the latest in an open-world action franchise, racing across the finish line, building a super-team, and exploring the wasteland.

The first two games, Just Cause 4 and Lego Batman 2, are coming on March 6. Just Cause 4 is the most recent release on the list, having just come out in December. It's the latest in the series starring professional dictator-overthrower Rico Rodriguez, letting you cause wanton destruction amid new extreme weather events like snowstorms and tornadoes. Lego Batman 2 brings back the Dark Knight alongside a host of other famous DC crimefighters to save Gotham City from the blocky schemes of Lex Luthor and the Joker.

Then on March 14, the service will add F1 2018 and Fallout 4. F1 is the official game of the globally popular racing series, and features media interviews and other events to help shape your reputation as a racer. It also brings the French and German Grand Prix back to the racing calendar. Fallout 4 is the latest traditional installment in the RPG series, sending you out on a quest among the wastes to locate your missing son.

The listing ends there, midway through the month, so we're likely to see another announcement covering the second half of March sometime later. Microsoft similarly split February.

Xbox Game Pass is an all-you-can-eat subscription service, offering dozens of full games to download for a monthly fee of $9.99 / £8. Microsoft is including first-party games at launch to sweeten the deal, and in February that gave players access to Crackdown 3. You can check out the line-up of Game Pass games here.

  • Just Cause 4 - March 6
  • Lego Batman 2 - March 6
  • F1 2018 - March 14
  • Fallout 4 - March 14

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Avatar image for pookeynoodle2019

Its certainly good value and much better than anything they can offer at Sony.

Avatar image for bignoli

@pookeynoodle2019: I don´t know why you would mention Sony but you did, so here my reply to that:

This games offered by XBOX are great and for Just cause 4 I can only say its very very fresh to have as a freebie.You are aware though that Just cause had no gamer response as far as sales and someone needs to play it (free or not).

As of the Sony comment: PS4 community could be getting Just cause 4, and whatever other triple A game for free this month and still will not be able to play those due to so many exclusives. Sure, great free games are awesome, but when that is all you got mmm I would rather not have those and stick to PS4.

I am actually glad that they are giving on PS4 the witness and Call of duty remastered so I don´t get tempted at all or distracted.

Every console has its pro and cons

The membership games offered by Xbox are better than PS4 but also there is only one console which is the best place to play, and that, without a question, is Sony.

I have nothing against Xbox, I actually love the control and the console itself but had to choose between the best or the competition. I decided for the best, don´t judge me hehe.

Avatar image for pookeynoodle2019

@bignoli: wow theres triggered then theres that !!!!

Avatar image for acerock980

Wasnt fallout 4 put on the game pass awhile ago?

Avatar image for deakenblack

@acerock980: It was, and then they took it down. My theory... It was right before the launch of 76. Bethesda probably had the contract up to that point to get people into Fallout, pull the rug out from under them, and hopefully they'd buy 76. Obviously it didn't work.

Avatar image for SecretPolice

Me loves mah GP. :D

Avatar image for mistertech

The value is getting crazy good on this game pass. Well done Xbox