Xbox One March System Update Adds Screenshots and More

Microsoft details latest firmware’s new functionality, including real name requests.

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Microsoft is now beta testing the newest Xbox One system software update, and has announced the key new features that the firmware will deliver when it goes live in March.

Chief among all the new additions is the long-awaited and routinely requested screenshot functionality. Though it is technically possible to take a screenshot on the Xbox One, the current process is known to be fairly complex.

After the March system update, however, taking screenshots will be as simple as double-tapping the Xbox Guide button, and pressing Y to save the image to local storage. Users with Kinect can also say "Xbox Take a Screenshot."

Meanwhile, the Upload Studio will act as a file manager for not just video clips, but also screenshots. With this application, users can find their chosen screenshot and select it as their system-wide wallpaper. Microsoft says it also plans to use Upload as a means to publish images to social media channels, including Twitter, though this function isn’t available yet. Details on the sweeping changes to Upload Studio, including major additions to its video editing software, can be found here.

Also packaged in the software update are new social features such as suggested friends and real name requests, the latter of which is similar to the function on the PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, Microsoft appears to be suggesting that it has made some tweaks to the tile transparency settings.

Microsoft is planning to release the next Xbox One firmware update at some stage in March, though it hasn’t nailed a final date. Early builds are currently being tested by Preview Program members.

A detailed preview of the update, written by Microsoft, is copied below:

Screenshots: New in preview is a highly requested feature by our community from the Xbox feedback site. While playing a game, you can now take screenshots on your Xbox One console by simply double-tapping the Xbox button on your controller to capture a screenshot and pressing Y to save the screenshot. You can also say “Xbox Take a Screenshot” to take and save a screenshot.

Upload App: The Upload app is being updated so that you can manage your screenshots in addition to your game clips. You can use a screenshot as your background, by viewing the screenshot in full-screen mode from the Upload app, then, press the Menu button and select Set as background. In coming preview builds, you will be able to use Upload to share screenshots to your activity feed, attach to messages, add screenshots to your showcase, and eventually share to Twitter. Also, your screenshots will be visible in your profile alongside your game clips. In the initial preview build, the sharing functions are not yet enabled, but you can start capturing screenshots and using them for your backgrounds.

Suggested friends: With the suggested friends feature, the Friends area in home and your friends list will help you find and add friends. Suggested friends will include people you might know, so you add more friends to game with, and top community broadcasters and clip creators, so you can get more great content in your activity feed. We’re also adding a new suggested friends page to the Friends area.

Sharing your name: This month in preview, we’re rolling out two new ways to share your real name; with all of your friends or to everyone in the Xbox Live community. You can also continue to share your real name with select friends, or with no one, if that’s what you prefer. Gamertags are still the primary method of identifying yourself on Xbox Live, but sharing your real name helps people recognize you who might not know you by your gamertag. The new name sharing options can be found underFriends > My profile > Name sharing settings.

Tile transparency: We continue to listen to your feedback and are adding a setting to enable you to vary the level of transparency for your background images, go toSettings > My Xbox > Tile transparency.

Privacy and online safety settings: We added a new setting for sharing voice search data to create an option for you to allow collection and analysis of voice data when using Xbox – Bing to search. You can go to Settings > Privacy and online safety > Share voice search data to change the setting.

Report spam: The Messages app has an added option to allow you to notify Xbox when you receive spam. You can now select a specific message, press the A button and then select Report > Spam to report a specific message as spam.

OneGuide for Australia: Support for OneGuide will continue in preview in Australia for free-to-air TV listings.

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in Australia: Xbox One owners in Australia with an Xbox Digital TV Tuner can now use it with the preview builds of this month’s release.

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