Xbox One Kinect peripheral can block cameras

PDP to release Kinect TV Mount peripheral that features a "privacy cover" that can be used to block the camera's RGB and IR cameras.

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Peripheral maker PDP will release a Kinect TV Mount peripheral for the Xbox One that features a "privacy cover" allowing users to block the camera's RGB and IR cameras.

The $20 peripheral was revealed through an Amazon listing spotted on NeoGAF. According to its description, the Kinect TV Mount will fit almost any TV and requires no tools for installation.

The Xbox One's Kinect camera has been a point of controversy and debate since the next-generation console was originally announced in May.

Germany's federal data protection commissioner Peter Schaar said in May that the Xbox One is like a "monitoring device" because it records "all sorts of personal information" about users.

Microsoft has since clarified its Xbox One privacy policy, saying Kinect can be paused during games and entertainment and that the system will seek user permission before sharing personal data.

In addition, Xbox director Albert Penello said in September that it is technologically implausible for the Xbox One to send off the video and images it captures to third-parties.

"I'm not worried about it in my house because I know what's happening," Penello said at the time. "But you know, we let people unplug it if they're really super-sensitive about it."

The Xbox One launches on November 22 for $500.

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