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Xbox One is top-selling home console in US for December -- NPD

Nintendo's 3DS sold more units overall, but the Xbox One's price point ensured it made the most money.

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Alongside NPD US sales data released today, Microsoft issued a statement saying the Xbox one was the top-selling US console for December, selling 908,000 units.

The Xbox 360 came in third place with 643,000 consoles sold, thus leading "last-gen hardware" according to the Microsoft statement. The NPD clarifies that the Nintendo 3DS "topped overall hardware sales for December 2013 and for 2013 as a whole; however, with its $499.99 price point, the Xbox One led annual hardware sales on a dollars basis."

Altogether, Microsoft claimed "50 percent of the combined software, hardware, and accessories spend in the U.S," with $1.39 billion raised between the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Total US consumer spend in December, according to the NPD, was "just under $2.4 billion." The NPD clarifies that, "Xbox One led console sales in December, while PS4’s two-month total makes it the best selling console during the two-month launch window." In total worldwide sales, the PlayStation is also currently outselling the Xbox one with 4.2 PlayStation 4s sold compared to 3 million Xbox Ones. As editor Martin Gaston explores in his editorial, those sales numbers don't tell the whole story.

Nintendo, in addition to the successful performance of the 3DS, also had a positive month for the Wii U. The NPD says, that December was the "highest month for unit sales" so far. Altogether, with positive growth across the industry, December was a bullish month for gaming as a whole.

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