Xbox One Is "Most Attractive" Console This Holiday, UK Boss Says

"We've been very focused on building the right plan to get us through this period."


As the all-important holiday season approaches, Xbox UK marketing executive Harvey Eagle has spoken out to say he is "very confident" in the sales potential for Xbox One over the coming weeks. The console's lineup of games, new features like backwards compatibility, and deals make the console the "most attractive console to buy out there," Eagle said in the latest issue of MCV, as reported by Videogamer.

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"We've been very focused on building the right plan to get us through this period," he said. "With the new features, the great new games that have just come out, some of the amazing games that are about to come out, plus some of the deals that we and our retail partners will have, we're making the Xbox One the most attractive console to buy out there."

"It makes us very confident in how the next few weeks are going to go," he added.

Microsoft heads into the holiday season with some level of momentum, as the Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 during October 2015 in the United States. This achievement was particularly noteworthy given that the PS4 received its first price cut during the month, dropping down to $350 to become level with the Xbox One.

Should the Xbox One have a strong holiday as it relates to Xbox One sales, you shouldn't expect Microsoft to announce new sales numbers, however. Eagle reiterated that Microsoft is more likely to share metrics like "engagement and usage" instead of hard console sales.

"We want to report on a monthly basis engagement and usage of the most-engaged Xbox players and we want to focus on bringing the highest amount of people to the console that we can," he said. "And the Xbox One is the fastest-selling Xbox console that we've had."

Following Microsoft's latest earnings report at the end of October, GameSpot was informed that Microsoft will focus more on Xbox Live usership figures instead of console shipment numbers going forward.

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