Xbox One Is "Literally a Windows Device"

"It is not a separate animal."


Microsoft considers the Xbox One to be "literally a Windows device," sitting alongside Windows PCs and phones. That's according to Microsoft EVP and chief marketing officer Chris Capossela, who said during a recent presentation that he doesn't consider the Xbox One to be a "separate animal" in the Windows family.

"A core power metric for us is Windows 10 devices. That's not PC statement," he said during the Citi Global Technology Conference (via Dualshockers). "That will be phones, that will be tablets, that will be laptops, that will be desktops, that will be big surface hubs that will be Xboxes. Xboxes today run Windows and so every time we sell an Xbox we're actually creating a Windows active device that hopefully people love it; it's a gaming device in their living room. It is not a separate animal. It is literately a Windows device."

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The Xbox One runs on a version of Windows. Later this year, however, the Xbox One will become more fully integrated with Windows 10. Microsoft hasn't announced a release date for Windows 10 on Xbox One, though Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said not to expect this until "post-summer."

Microsoft announced back in January that Windows 10 would be integrated into Xbox One by way of a future update. Spencer assured fans at the time that when the Windows 10 Xbox One update arrives, it won't morph the games console into an enterprise-centric device.

How it will operate is unclear, and whether it will come with a dashboard rearrangement is not known.

"We won't see people using Excel on the Xbox, but Microsoft is making it easier to port experiences from PC over to Xbox where they make sense," Spencer said at the time.

Microsoft's vision for Windows 10 is to reach 1 billion devices by 2018. The new operating system launched at the end of July as a follow-up to Window 8 (there was no Windows 9). As of the end of August, Windows 10 had reached 75 million installs.

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