Xbox One indie games launching alongside PS4, PC requirement looked at on a "case by case" basis

Microsoft says it is not trying to "limit" indie developers by asking for launch parity on Xbox One.

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Microsoft has said it is not trying to "limit" indie developers by asking for launch parity on Xbox One and other platforms as part of its ID@Xbox program.

"Our goal is not to limit developers who are interested in Xbox One," a Microsoft spokesperson said to Edge. "In instances where games have signed a timed exclusive with another platform, we'll work with them on a case by case basis. We encourage them to get in touch at"

Microsoft announced its ID@Xbox program at Gamescom 2013, offering indie developers two free Xbox One development kits, a license for popular game-making engine Unity, and the opportunity to self-publish their game. The cost of all this? That the Xbox One version of any title be launched on the same day as any other platforms, such as PS4 and PC.

Microsoft announced at the end of February that it had added another 65 developers to its ID@Xbox scheme, including Limbo developer Playdead.

"We want to make sure the dev who's working away in Omaha, or Coventry, or Chiba will have the same shot to realize their vision on Xbox One as one of my developer friends we hang out with in Seattle or at a trade show like GDC or Gamescom," ID@Xbox chief Chris Charla said last year.

"Because at the end of the day, we want gamers to pick the hits. That's what Xbox One is all about: One games store, the best discovery tools on console, and a powerful, equal playing field for all games, from developers big and small."

Microsoft has also said that it hopes for every single Xbox One to be able to become a development kit one day.

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